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Job anxiety

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Hey y’all I am diagnosed bipolar 2 GAD and OCD and having issues keeping a job sometimes I can keep it for as much as a year but eventually it gets harder and harder to go to work and I dread it while I’m there then I start calling out and eventually either quit or stop showing up. I can’t explain why I do it and no matter what I’ve tried once I hit that point I’ve never been able to keep the job even with CBT and meds. 

The worst are sales jobs or jobs with long hours at first I’m able to grab the phone and be real into the job but as time goes on I can’t bring myself to pick up the phone or follow up and honestly eventually fake working just to keep it as long as possible before I quit but can’t bring myself to actually speak with anyone. None of it makes sense to me.


anyone have any similar stories with jobs? I kinda have to figure this out.

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Hi Drjekyll,

I have Depression and Social Anxiety, and I am the same as you, when I first start a job, I'm quite enthusiastic but as the weeks and months go on, I start to dread going to work and have to really force myself. The worst jobs for me are also sales, anything involving targets and call centers. I find there's too much pressure and not enough time to think and destress. I also find difficult people always seem to populate the offices I work in and I start to dread being in their company and getting very anxious.

I'm thinking of avoiding office work totally and going into something new such as working with older people or care work. That might not be right for you, have you thought about doing different types of work that might have less pressure and stress?

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I have my issue lies in the availability of jobs such as that and I lack the empathy for most care jobs unfortunately. I do believe I would be great at sales but I think my anxiety is my Achilles heel and plan to test it when I get balanced my job struggles have been for years but I only have recently realized and been diagnosed GaD and OCD I didn’t know I had been having anxiety and panic attacks previous.

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