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Ok so many of you know that when I posted on the religious forum how happy I was. Well long story short I stopped all my meds which was risperdal 6 Remeron 45 Zyprexa 5 and clonidine. 



I felt felt like something was telling me to stop them. I was getting more and more psychotic by the day. I remember how happy I was. I started to feel joy and emotion again. I was texting my gf all the time about how happy I was. 



I would step step outside and feel and see the sun and would say this is heaven I can see Gods Glory light up everything. 


My roommate had dug

 a hole in the yard a few years ago for a pond and there is water in it and i


thinking that was hell and I could see it from heaven. 



I finally went to impatient and we started the Zyprexa again.




just recently I stopped hearing the messengers from the TV and I stopped believing in the




but folks this isn’t fun anymore.

i has zero anxiety while I was like that. Granted I didn’t sleep for three weeks straight but I was

withdraw from a heavy amount of Kratom.




i can kinda see why ppl with a psychotic disorder

Don’t  want to take there meds.




Now I’m back in this boring world suffering.



can someone explain how these things work because I haven’t really been like this before but I would love to go back there.

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Sonic, I'm not going to try to diagnose you, but clearly you are mentally ill and need treatment. Please stay on your meds. your delusions and highs might feel good to you now, but they do damage to your brain in the long run. Think of it as the devil trying to seduce you by pretending to be God and heaven.

So, please, take all of your meds as prescribed.

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