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When should I take my Zoloft?

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I take it in the morning. When I was originally put on it, my psychiatrist recommended morning but told me I could switch to evenings if I had any issues with mornings (for example, when I was on celexa I took it at nights because it made me slightly nauseous, but taking it right before bed didn't cause problems). At one point I tried to switch my Zoloft to nights since I was having a hard time remembering to take it in the mornings, but it gave me insomnia, so I switched back to mornings and worked on other ways to make sure I took it. 

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My pdoc has me take it in the morning. I notice you have a PTSD dx, so I'll note that that's because she was worried taking it at night would make my nightmares more vivid.

I have taken it at night before (when I've forgotten in the morning or something) without ill effects though. 

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