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Lithium in the morning or evening?

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Similar to my question about Zoloft in the Antidepressants sub forum, I wanted to ask here, when should I take my Lithium dosage? Should I take it in the morning or in the evening?

I'm probably going to take my Zoloft in the morning, so should I take my Lithium in the morning too? Or do you think it will do something like make me sleepy and, thus, should best be taken in the evening?

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27 minutes ago, Iceberg said:

How much? And is it instant release? They always told me to split the IR dose over a certain amount...but obviously that's up to ur pdoc

Excellent question! I think it's instant release, but I still haven't gotten the pills yet (apparently they needed to submit a request to my insurance) so I'm not sure yet. The starting dose is 150mg for about two weeks, then taking two of the 150mg pills either at separate times or both at the same time. 

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