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Simba Cub

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I used to post on some Disney forums, called the DIS Boards.

Got scared off when it turned out there was a dark side to the boards: the UnDIS. It's basically a forum for ripping it out of DIS members, belittling them, slagging them off...

I can do without that.

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Some people are always going to be arseholes. You should ignore such people because they really are pathetic dickheads. Don't feed the trolls. They're just sad and lonely people, sat in front of their computer, hoping to offend someone in order to feel superior and have someone recognise that they exist. Poor dickheads! I'm sad and lonely too, but I try not to be a dick about it. I don't mean to dismiss cyber-bullying but when people come out with some dumb and offensive comment I just think what a fucking arsehole they must be, and why would I care about the opinion of such an obvious dickhead? But yeah you can do without that. There are nice people out there and they probably outnumber the arseholes. Arseholes are often louder but they're just arseholes.

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