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Having trouble being open..

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29 minutes ago, coraline said:

There are things I need to bring up regarding what I'm going through..

Voices I'm hearing..

Paranoid thoughts..

Plots against me..

Something I believe to be a monitoring device I'm hopefully getting removed soon..But whose to say they won't put something else in there..

But I'm scared to bring this stuff up to her in detail..because I don't know what the outcome will be.

From what you have said about this therapist, it seems to me she is a nice, understanding person.

IMO, I think she really wants to help you......The way she can best help you, is if you bring up all these things that are bothering you.

Maybe you could write them down on a piece of paper and give it to her, if that makes you more comfortable?

Just a suggestion.....

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Can you tell her how nervous you are? Sometimes it just helps to state how your feeling without judgment. As Crazy mentioned, she really wants to help you and maybe you could just tell her how hard it is to tell her what you are going through and she will probably be able to find a way to make you feel more comfortable. Good luck.

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