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How long until rexulti started working?

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Sorry for all the questions about rexulti but I just have so little info about this drug. I started at .5 for two nights and then 1 mg last night. I thought since this drug is technically an AAP that it would kick in pretty soon but maybe its like an AD and takes awhile to work? My pdoc says I can titrate up to 2 mg on my own. I would love to hear people's personal experiences. Thanks. 

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I took Rexulti 0.5mg for a week, and I noticed benefits on the second day. Then I upped to 1mg, where I am now, and my motivation and energy was back and my anhedonia gone within a week. It reached the peak around the 2 week mark, and now I'm well off. Give it time. You may possibly need to go up to 2mg, but stay at 1mg for atleast 2 weeks I'd say. Rexulti is an amazing medication, so good luck to you.

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Rexulti is one you have to hang around for. I started at 0.5mg for two weeks. That was too much. So I dropped down to 0.25mg for 4-6 weeks. I think I probably really noticed a difference about 2 weeks into the 0.25mg and I noticed even further improvement as I increased.

Most important to note, when you increase or decrease the dose of Rexulti, you will likely continue to feel changes for a good 2-4 weeks after the dose change. It's a slow medication because of its long half-life but it's worth it.

When it comes to quieting your thoughts like rumination or racing/intrusive though process, Rexulti can work in less than a week. But when it comes to mood, that really does take a while unfortunately.

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