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Hello CrazyBoards,

I started 5mg Trintellix a week ago and in a nutshell, felt 40-50% better the very next day. Before I get deafened with shouts of "PLACEBO!", think again since I'm treatment-resistant (20+ years) and never expect meds to work - because they nearly always don't. FTR I've tried tens of med combos, treatments, ECT, dTMS unsuccessfully. They either make me worse, have no effect or help somewhat and then poop-out within 2-4 weeks.

Furthermore my mood started dipping significantly 3 days ago so I upped the dose to 7.5mg last night, again not expecting anything and lo and behold, I felt significantly better - like "naturally" or "simply" better today. 

Has anyone heard of, or experienced such a rapid improvement?


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Hi Pete,

I have a the same experience ONCE, when I started cymbalta the next day I felt like I had more energy and felt less depressed.   It continued to get better each day I was on cymbalta but unfortunately it was short lived and pooped out after a few months.  So I do believe that can happen and not be a "placebo" effect.  I hope it continues to work for you.  Unfortunately trintellix did not work for me. As like you, I am med resistant to the majority of medications I have tried. 

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1 hour ago, looking for answers said:

no, im thinking placebo, just because your TR, doesnt mean you dont have hope

I appreciate I cannot be objective in this discussion but I respectfully disagree.
A) I'm severely depressed - my brain just doesn't "do" hope. Hasn't done so for many, many years.
B) 19/20 meds make me worse or have no effect so it's actually logical and realistic for me to have little to no hope.
C) I felt significantly different. Not just more optimistic or hopeful or less down - significantly different both cognitively and emotionally.

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On 1/12/2019 at 10:24 PM, argh said:

I've only heard of such rapid and positive change with taking ADs, occur in people who are bipolar. But bipolar meds didn't work for you right?

Yeah that's correct, unfortunately.

On 1/15/2019 at 1:51 AM, BrianOCD said:

Placebo or not, if he's feeling better that's all that really matters...

Sadly @BrianOCD, it didn't last and I crashed on day 4 - hence no replies from me... until today since it's the first day in a week where I've felt human again. Let's hope it lasts for longer than 3 days this time (I'm not holding my breath).

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20 hours ago, notloki said:

That rapid a response I've only seen in bipolar folk who take certain AD's or someone who did not realize they are bipolar and took certain AD's. Time will tell.

As @argh mentioned I'm not BPx unfortunately. I'm a medical conundrum wrapped in an enigma, veiled by mysteriousness. AKA "fucked".

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