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Blood pressure and mood stabilizers

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A few months back, I came across a web site that listed antidepressants and their effects on blood pressure.  Does anyone know of a site that analyzes mood stabilizers and their effects on blood pressure?  Risperdal is killing me and I would like to be able to make an informed decision when it comes to the next med...


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The best thing to do would be to download a copy of the PI sheets for the meds you're considering and check the side effects to see if something about blood pressure or hypertension or whatever is listed. "Mood stabilizers" is a pretty broad net to cast on this one.


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Hi Kristie, welcome!

Look at the pinned posts at the top of each med section for the posts marked "Med Info". I have links to the PI sheets and other info.

Here is the post for Risperdal.   


You can get a little more general info from  http://www.drugs.com

where you can look up individual meds and run med interaction checks.

If you don't find what you need, post or PM me.



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I'm going to note, for the record here, that since I've been on first Topamax, and then lithium, with Lamictal all along, my blood pressure dropped from borderline high to, well, perfectly healthy.

My theory, is that I no longer want to blow a gasket at every little slight, but who knows?  I think that, when they're working, mood stabilizers calm you down by smoothing out your moods.  (Of course, being a rage-a-holic, calmness can only be a good thing!)

BUT, a caveat: that's assuming bp (er, bipolar, not blood pressure) is the reason for taking them, and the severity of, erm, the "bad" moods.  And of course it depends on all the little factors that affect bp (er, blood pressure) for each individual case.

OK, I know, really wordy, but yeah, i noticed a healthy drop.

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