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Yes, Ativan is just as fast, coming on, as Xanax. I take it for breakthrough anxiety as needed and take 1 mg Klonopin every day. I prefer Ativan to Xanax. Ativan is very useful, I use it for sleeping if I am out of Lunesta, anxiety, prophylaxis against seizures or to break a seizure, and it has some GI settling and calming effects. It does not have the kick of Xanax but it controls anxiety just as quickly. I've grown used to the sedating effects so I don't notice anything taking 1 mg, except my anxiety going away.

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SOrry to hear that the xanax has pooped out on you. Im sorry i didnt read all the replies. So just gonna tell you my experience as it relates to you. I have been on some benzo for god since i was 17 a

Darn. I'm sorry you are in such a bad situation. Would you feel comfortable asking your pdoc gently for an increase in xanax ? Just to see if she will do that? The worst she can say is no, right?

can always try a small jump up and see what happens, can always cut back. or switch meds after trying that. May be better to dance with the devil you know

8 hours ago, Persona_Is_Life said:

I noticed no one here has mentioned Ativan. It might be another option! 

Unfortunately, that one also messes with my mood. I’ve decided to stay with Xanax for now. Thanks for the idea though!

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19 hours ago, Bigtimer said:


can I ask why your doc is so anti benzo?  Is it because you are on a stimulant?


This is from January. My doc isn’t anti-benzo. Like I said she warned me from the beginning she’d never increase xanax past 1mg. I knew that going in. I’m now on 1.5. If my doc were anti-benzo, I wouldn’t be able to explain why. Docs all have their things. 

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