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Getting chat going will be a high priority for me one I get full use of my hands back.  I have only two working fingers on my left hand at all and I can't type with the the others for long before they start getting weak.  We need a chat solution that that ties into the board software so everyone has the same login and account for both.  Most of the options are either expensive or complicated to set up and configure.  I'm going with one closer to the later category but its going to take a bit more time.  

I see a hand specialist this afternoon.  Hopefully, there will be non-surgical options that can have me typing again sooner.  

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I'm trying to fix the chat-being-down on an MS forum right now. I've got them borrowing my (reeeal small) IRC server right now with Kiwiirc. Seems to work, but I'm looking at making it more of a solid option.

That said, I've always kept #TheWard open. I could and would set something like that up here if given some requirements, needs, and direction. Drop me a message if you'd like some details.

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VE, I assume you have repetitive strain injury (RSI)  on your left hand?  That sucks hard.

I think it’ll be a while before you can use a keyboard for long periods. 

I would suggest you recruit someone with IT skills to implement the new chat system for you. Perhaps headrift could implement a chat system you like?  Otherwise, lots of depressed IT people out there who might volunteer.

Also, do you still need money? How much?  I should soon have enough income that I could contribute some serious cash.


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I've still got this thing running on Wheezy, the Debian extended long term support branch.   I've got to upgrade all the way to Stretch which involves major apache changes as well as the MySQL to MariaDB transition before I can upgrade to the new major version of Invision. I don't want to put a lot of work into a chat solution if I'm going to have to redo a couple months later when I do the other upgrades.  

I'm looking at some very half-assed temporary possibilities as well.  

My PNurse currently won't give me more than 8 hours worth of Adderall a day and I've got some other serious stuff going on my life that I'm having to with as well as getting this thing to where it should be.  

I can't really hire anyone else to work on it because the damn thing is over ten years old and littered with that many years worth of cruft and kludges.  

I'm getting a MRI of both my left hand and elbow next week.  I'll know a few days after that if steroid injections are a possible short term solution.  I only have two working fingers on my left heand so obviously, I have to do something.  

I'm hoping to get one of the self-hosted Blab! flavors to work with IPB.  If not, I may just pay for it.  

Comet Chat would be stupid easy to get working but the entry-level plan is $50 a month.  It's unclear what the different levels of ArrowChat provide which makes me nervous.  


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Good to know, VE. Wheezy will be six years old this summer. I'm thinking of switching my server back to Arch on February 1st. CentOS just isn't fresh enough for my liking. More maintenance needed, but I don't exactly have a lot of other things going on.

Writing an email to the other site admins right now. If they can't get their chat back up by February (it's been down a few weeks already) I'm talking about carrying my idea forward. I could be able to have a website up by March. It'd be yet another forum board, but that's only just to keep the nickserv bot in sync. If it gets made, I'll let you know for some basic testing?

Take care of your hand. I might ask for some help.

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