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I chose to walk by faith when I got saved in 06. 


I remember my ultimate desire was to be with my ex. From May of 06 to 08 I tried to walk by faith and believe that God would bring me and her together. 


What i I didn’t take into account was how she felt. 


In May of 08 I decided it wasn’t going to happen. 


Sometime in 09 I found her on MySpace and all I wanted to do was apologize for what we both went thru.    


From then on i waited and decided I’ll walk with my heart by faith. In 2017 I asked God do You want me to be alone. That same day I got on Christianforums.com and met who I want to Marry. She lives in Virginia and I in Oklahoma. I’m going to visit her in the Spring and I may decide if I stay. 



Shes so so special to me. I will tell anyone here who is a Born Again Christian that the Almighty will bless you with someone if you wait for Him to make it come about.

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The more I talk to my gf the more I feel we’re def soulmates. 



I waited twelve years and almost almost another two. I’m so thankful I waited.

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