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I need help so anxious- beta blocker anyone?

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So i woke up super shaky today with racing anxiety thoughts. I take 225 MG of effexor XR everyday, along with Klonopin (which helps me with tremors and for the most part prevents panic attacks.)! I wasn't feeling that great during my last appointment (due to lack of sleep and still underlying anxiety). The doctor prescribed seroquel XR 50MG to take at night. I've already gained 5 pounds and feel bloated, but i've also had numerous panic attacks since being on it. Mornings are the worst for me. I have a little boy to to take care of and to get ready for school. I can't go on like this.  I want off the seroquel. The potential side effects are NOT worth it to me- it's not helping and I can't fit into my pants! Why is it causing panic attacks? I feel like it's over riding any of the good things the seroquel is doing for me. 

My main physical symptoms are shaking and palpitations. What do you think of taking a beta blocker for these symptoms? My issue is the physical symptoms cause distress and then cause panic.  I remember trying them a year or two ago and i had to come off since i thought they were causing tension headaches. It may not have been related at all. who knows? Are they safe? will they cause heart failure.

What about adding Gabapentin? I tried 100MG was fine, and then started shaking when i was upped to 200MG per day. I'm wondering if that side effect will go away?


Right now i'm feeling depressed. No anxiety-- just took a klonopin. 

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