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Anyone else notice a change of skin tone on antipsychotics?

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Hello Crazyboards forum,

I have a question.  Anyone else notice a change in skin tone after starting antipsychotic medication?  I was told by my doctor that these meds double the skin's exposure to the sun.  I used to very fair skinned, almost "pale" and now over the years since I have started taking antipsychotics my skin seems to have deepened more and more over time.  My skin is deeper in tone even in the colder months.  Now I am still considered fair, but there is a strong olive overtone to my skin and I trace the time this started happening back to when I started building up a blood level with the meds.  I find both to be attractive, I just began noticing it and found it rather "odd".  I read that one's skin tone will deepen over time with age, but I highly doubt a person would just become a completely different skin tone naturally. 

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I know this is a dead thread lol but I just wanted to post this helpful article.  I have seen evidence to back this up on other websites as well.  It says here that change in skin tone can be a side effect of antipsychotic medication (look at the list of medications that cause it):


I have heard that taking zinc can help with these side effects and that it is also a great overall protection for the skin.

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