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Take Ambien or up the Xanax?

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I panic when I can't sleep then it just tumbles down from there.  If you've read some of my past threads its similar.  I'm still stuck in that horrible groove of trouble sleeping - I call insomnia my demon. 

Klonopin for some reason doesn't help - I took .5 b/f bedtime and woke up later needing to take another .5 and then awoke at 4:30 to my dh alarm clock.

Xanax I've taken .5 - .75 seems to help sometimes but doesn't keep me asleep (most of the time). 

Seroquel - took a few times - made my heart pound like crazy.

Trazadone - just makes me dizzy & doesn't put me to sleep.

Valium - never tried it.

Ambien - have it - scared to try it - why?  I'm afraid of developing a dependence on it - but then WTF is it better to develop a dependence on something or give in to the demon and eventually let it win = makes me want to just die.

I'm not sure who will respond, my posts don't seem to get many responses.  I feel truly alone with this...

Up the xanax, xanax xr or shut up and try the Ambien?

P.S. Got dependent on halcion (sleeping pill from years ago -20 yrs. ago.) so I do have a dependence/psychological tendency.  (Thank God I don't drink)!!!!  Was my dependence such a bad thing?  Perhaps?

Any other suggestions?  I'm completely stressed out!

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What happens if you don't deny the insomnia?  Like, what if you just got up and did stuff?  Sometimes I do that.  Every couple of months I just get this terrible insomnia that lasts about a week.  I get up and surf the net, write, do dishes, watch movies, whatever. And take naps during the day.

I have found that a hot bath before bed helps me fall asleep faster. 

I tried Ambien.  If I didn't go to bed right away, before it even hit me, I'd stay awake for hours, loose track of time, be in a dreamy trance, and do stupid stuff online.  Like shop.  When I did go to bed right away, I would fall asleep but drift gently in and out of consciousness all night. 

Hawkeye's suggestions for not drinking liquid and wearing yourself out a few hours before bed are good.  I also have an eye mask that helps.  Sometimes my eyes don't want to be closed all the way, so my brain doesn't want to fall asleep.  With the mask on, I can have my eyes opened or closed and there's nothing to see so it helps.  I tried earplugs, but they aren't really comfortable and end up waking me up later to be removed. 

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Xanax is more addictive than Ambien. Very much so. Ambien's not actually addictive - just habit forming if taken habitually. I take both. But whatever you do, don't take immediate release Xanax and Ambien at the same time!! For some reason that I don't get, Xanax XR and Ambien are okay togehter.

Xanax doesn't make me sleepy. Ambien has worked fairly well for me for many years - except when the insomnia gets really bad. At those times, not much does help. I've also been having fairly good luck with Rozerom - it was FDA approved only a few months ago and is an entirely different class of medication. It's not addictive and supposedly not even habit forming. It's one of the only sleeping meds not "scheduled" by the FDA.

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Try very hard not to take a benzo with a sleep aid, the combination can/will cause short term memory loss.  I finally switched to valium, don't take any sleep aid... val works for the mind and body similarly.  However, I am still up for two or more days at a time, I average 2-4 hrs sleep per day.  So, after reviewing what i just wrote, i'm not much help sorry.

OH... tried lunesta,,, worked better than Ambien, though it took 3 time the recomended dosage to get me to sleeep more than 4 hours so i quit.  i just read more books now to pass the time.

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I love the title for this thread!!!

More than a year ago I took ambien and it pooped out in a week.

I guess my insomnia is stronger than what pharmacologists like to believe. note that its 4:15 am in my world right now.

I take all my meds at night. including the 2mg of xanax xr. sometimes i sleep, other times i dont.

Good Luck!!


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Go with the Ambien, cause you aren't going to be able to maintain a sedating dose of Xanax forever.  See you tried Seroquel...well I still recommend it.  It KNOCKS me on my ass, and I've tried everything.

good luck!


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