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  • 3 weeks later...

I definitely have trouble with both of these things..

Getting me to leave the house is like pulling teeth..

I can barely make eye contact with the pharmacy technicians..

On walks with my dog Bailey I often look down..

I feel I'm being watched so I fear direct eye contact and leaving my house..

I have yet to find a good solution to this..

I just wanted to let you know you're not alone..

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It’s hard for me to leave the house, especially alone. I very rarely leave alone. Only during emergencies or when no one can take me to an appointment I don’t go anywhere else. I’m also afraid the government is monitoring me and driving makes me panicked also. I don’t trust people either. I always feel like they are going to steal from me. Or beat me up. Or worse. 

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Hi. Haven't been hear in awhile but saw this post here and wanted to chime in.  I  have schizoaffective disorder, my mom schizophrenia. Anyway I HATE leaving the house!  So many times I have made plans with people then cancelled out of fear and at Christmas time I avoid crowds and being around ppl by ordering things on-line, gotta love amazon.  When I'm in public I feel like people are watching my every move and judging me and so often I feel like cars are following me or the police are after me. It's an awful feeling and feel so alone with this. Most ppl look at me and think I'm "normal" they don't understand what goes on in my mind and it's such a lonely place to be.  Other things that happen is I think my husband is poisoning me and lately I've been thinking he's cutting my hair while I sleep weird I know, and no one knows about these thoughts and fears.

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I think its important to note that agoraphobia and social anxiety gets worse and worse the more reclusive one's lifestyle becomes.
Whenever I've had really bad social anxiety its because I've shut myself away for a good month plus.

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