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A psychotic episode can be traumatic

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There are many here who say a psychosis isn’t traumatic. Well look, while I was having this episode I was in jail. 


I was abandoned. I was severely beat up. I get out and think my ex was going to be eaten up at any moment. 


While in jail u was scared to leave my cell because I thought I was going to be raped. I thought cannibals and zombies where everywhere eating a chopping ppl up. 



Today i sometimes go into derealization where I think I’m back in that place. I start to think my roommates are just wanting to rape me. 


When i was yanked off of three mg of klonopin in TN I thought my dad was some demon waiting to rape me. 



When im under a lot of stress I notice my PTSD. Starts to go haywire. 



Folks i was in jail going thru what I thought was hell. I thought I had died and that was my punishment. 



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I'm no expert in PTSD so take what I say with a grain of salt. I don't see any reason why a psychotic episode wouldn't be traumatic. After all, in a psychotic episode a person actually believes the delusions and hallucinations.Moreover, you had a lot of other stressful stuff going on at the time with the jail and all. Finally, it's clear to me that you are having a very hard time getting past this trauma. So, yes, in my opinion you can have PTSD from such intense fear for your life.

But like I said, I'm no expert and I don't even know the DSM-5 criteria. I hope somebody comes along with more knowledge than I have.

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