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Has Anyone Heard of Non-Verbal Learning Disability

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A very little bit.

NVLD can involve a lot of deficits including a lot of visual processing and writing- being able to do math problems can be a little more difficult more for the reason that it is harder to put the numbers in the right form [column/row] than it might be to do the problem. Writing, forming letters  is often difficult and awkward, sometimes sentences are odd, backwards, incorrect. 

There are a lot of behavior aspects, also- lack of understanding of social 'rules',  high susceptibility for anxiety, innapropriate reactions at times.

As far as I can tell, it is a neurological

I really haven't read a lot, and it was a while ago.

I found quite a bit here though:

Nonverbal Learning

NVLD Description and Applied Aspects

There are a lot of overlap in those with Asperger's and those with NVLD. When I have read a little about it before, I have found some things that compares the two, or will talk about whether they belong on the same spectrum or not.

if you're interested, comparison:




I moved this because there are likely similar issues, experiences to be shared since there is a lot of overlap and therefore some understanding here, not because of any opinion on the nvld/asperger's issue.

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Don't know about NVLD, but I do know a little on Aspergers, in Aspergers is more a social communication phobia and basicly on the higher end of the autism spectrum.  My mother (a pre-school teacher) is working with a boy who has Aspergers, so i had to do someresearch for her.  I can almost relate to Aspergers except I am not very neat (at all, think disaster area), ppl w/Aspergers tend to like things in order.


<one source

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Sorry to deviate too much, but-

On neatness:

I like things to be neat, but it is really hard for me.

More importantly, I like things in a certain order/arrangement. And certain things in certain places. 

I get royally pissed when people move my stuff or when stuff gets moved from its regular place, even though it may seem to them that things don't seem to belong anywhere in particular.

Even if it's messy, it can still be in a particular order.

Just because it looks neat, it might not necessarily be orderly.

So when my mother goes into the bathroom and 'straightens up' my stuff, I get really annoyed.

ok. sorry.

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same here, and because of that if anyone moves my "mess" I can't find $h!t and .... I like my valium by the phone (in case either my gf or mo or so calls) and they stress me out....

thanks information age for giving me the interpretations of others whom may benefit me

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One other thread which discusses some anxiety/ add also.

I wasn't entirely sure where to put these but as I said since there is such over lap in criteria with PDDs, I thought that this might be the most appropriate place.


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My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with NLD 2 years ago.  She's also being treated for anxiety, depression, OCD and now for what appears to be Tourette's (which she didn't have prior to taking Seroquel).

She is the sweetest kid I've ever known.  Sure, I'm partial, but strangers in restaurants come up to me and tell me what a delightful, polite child she is.

She struggles terribly with math, not because she can't get the individual concepts but because she can't generalize previously learned information.  Every new level in math is like Groundhog Day for her.

She also struggles terribly with social skills as she really doesn't pick up on body language or facial expressions.  She doesn't get sarcasm and will tend to take a figure of speech at face value. Add the Tourette's tics (vocal and motor) and she pretty much lives her day in a state of high anxiety...waiting for some kids to make fun of her and realizing that she might not even "get it" if they do.

She's been hospitalized for suicidal thinking twice this year.

I could go on and on, but those are the highlights.  She's currently taking Buspar, Geodon and Vistaril, but this is a newish cocktail and the jury is out.  She seems to get nasty akathesia from all the APs except Risperdal, which she's allergic to and she hasn't done well on any ADs either.

There is very little info out there on meds & NLD.  The info I have managed to dig up focuses on the ADD component, which is not necessarily present in all NLD kids.  I can't really see treating my daughter with ADD meds since she is already anxious beyond description. 

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Guest cheryl

My daughter has been diagnosed with non verbal learning disability just weeks ago. I new for a long time something was not right but I could not put my finger on it. She has hydrocephalus as a baby caused by a third ventrical cyst. They popped the cyst and she has never had a shunt. She is the best child a mother could ask for. When I read the articles on the computer, I get totally upset by it all. I took her to a nero phycologist for the diagnosis because the school thought she had ADD. I refuse to put her on drugs for something I new she did not have. The school did not want to help her at all even though she had not passed one test all year long. The doctor had no brochures or any literature to give me on this. I feel empty as to really know how to help my own child. The school has taken over and put her in special math and reading classes as well as language. She is 9 and in third grade. I am the one who has taught her in the past and she is pretty intelligent even though I can't get an IQ on her. I am afraid the school does not know how to teach my daughter and I am afraid if I let them take over that she will not learn at all. I am terrified as to when she gets a little older and gets lost. I can't imagine sending my child to school when she has no idea how to get to a classroom.....I would not send my mother with alzheimers disease out by herself. I am really quite frightened for my daughter. Can anyone tell me it will be alright?

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we're really a first person site for mental illness, not a support site for parents of children with developmental delays or learning disabilities. however, i can definitely recommend a site called Hopeful Parents. it's a blog consisting of several dozen parents of physically/emotionall/developmentally challenged kids (they have EVERYTHING it seems covered) and they talk A LOT about getting therapists and school assistance and such.

if i were you i'd try the Hopeful Parents site for a start. http://www.hopefulparents.org/

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