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Tried Xanax.

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Reasons for taking drug: Panic and tourettes outburts.  Surprsingly supression of tics and complulsions always lead to anxiety.

Xanax is very hard to get in Scotland, and I had to get it on a private prescription.

I took a reasonable dose, waited for about 90 minutes, and yes the butterflies stopped.  But I would compare it to alcohol - it makes you feel drowsy.

It lacked the muscle releaxant qualities of diazepam, something that is very important to me.

I know that Valium is the one with the reputation when it comes to muscle relaxation, but is this all in my head?

I think that I'll stick with the Valium and simply have Xanax on standby in case of panic attacks.

PS: I found the same with lorazepam.

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valium is the only benzo that i havent tried. heh.  and i prefer xanax over all of the others...

for some reason my doc will not rx it for me.

i agree with you - it can make me drowsy if i take too much.  but as far as GAD, or any social outings where i know im going to be uncomfortable... it works wonderfully for me. 

tit for tat. ;)


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Same worked for me til i couldn't remember what i was talking about every other sentence(and now have troubles doing algebra which i've used alot of in the past). and it took 6 months of asking my doc + them trying everything else on me.  it helps with the stress/muscle and social/ a little and sleep if i hold off until the end of the day to take a days worth just to sleep a couple hrs.  blah rant....

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My p-doc is another diazepem advocate. His opinion is that psychiatry has turned a full circle with benzos, and that for most people it is the prefferred drug of prescription. 

Not as strong as klonopin or xanax, and with smooth long action, its less likely to lead to long term dependence if taken as prescribed. 

Ive been through xanax withdrawal after taking it daily for a year or so. It was nightmarish.  Constant anxiety and panic, EPS and a seizure.  Classic migraines also.  Yuck.

Ive suggested to him before that we try changing to lorazepam or clonazepem, but he still feels that they arent better alternatives than diazepam for me.

My only complaint about diazepam is that in my country (Australia) you can only buy it bottles of 50 at 5mg each tab.  I wish we had 10mg tabs like in the US. Also, diazepam is only available on a private script here if you need repeasts.  Our healthcare system allows subsidised repeats of xanax but not valium. Crazy huh?

They reckon that xanax is the best option for panic disorder out of the benzo group.  My p-doc disagrees heartily and so do I.  I pretty much take valium for panic attacks now and it does the trick, and lasts a lot longer which I like. 8hrs theraputic dosing as opposed to 3hrs from my experience.  Not as strong, but you can always take a little more if you need to.

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I probably have described the feeling wrongly.  Don't get me wrong, the sedation that comes with a benzo helps.  In fact, I also take temezepam which is a "sleeping pill".

I just get a disinhibiting feeling from the Xanax that made me feel DEPRESSED.  Not good for a guy like me.

I remember reading that it was like "alcohol in a pill".  That is exactly how it felt for me.

Sometimes you get a "buzz" from alcohol ( I should know - I was once an alcoholic), I felt like I was down and depressed after a night of hard drinking.

I could function perfectly well, I just didn't like the feeling.

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Xanax is very numbing and its not unusual for people to feel its a downer.  The chaotic relationship between anxiety and depression is sometimes difficult to treat - I have heard a lot of feedback from people that xanax is the wonder drug, and an equal amount of feedback that it is depressing or has caused dependency issues.

I certainly notice a difference taking valium over xanax in terms of mood.  For me, nothing worked better than a ""xanny" for panic attacks, but with valium the effect is less intense and my mood is better as well as the effect being smoother.  I am using valium to help treat panic attacks as well as anxiety from time to time, and its quite effective on my new seroquel dose.

Temazepam is also a benzodiazepine, albeit a very strong one.  They tend to group it as a hypnotic (sleeping pill) rather than as an anti anxiety drug or anti-convulsant.

Out of interest, valium contains temazepam metabolites - my p-doc is always talking about this, and to be honest I dont fully understand it, other than as it is metabolised in your system there is a mixed effect, probably one of the reasons why most people respond well to diazepam.

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I have run the gamut on taking benzos.  The only one I haven't taken is Valium.

It is well know that Klonopin is supposed to be a short term drug, but is commonly used for long term maintenance.

I have been on it for three years now, and I can not ever imagine going off.  I have developed a slight case of tardive diskenisia, but it's not significant to really bother me. 

I have also developed a terrible case of short term memory loss.  Mid-sentence I either can't find the word I want, or I completely forget what the subject at hand is.

I feel as though I am being "dumbed down" by my meds, and I'm not sure which one.  It is very frustrating.

Even if Klonopin were to be the cause, I would not stop taking it.  I have extremely severe panic attacks, and as a benzo, it is the only one that has come close to helping me fight the attacks.  The other just dulled my mind and made me tired.

I guess everybody's experience with it is different.  I just wanted to share mine with you. 


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