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I agree, it's a tough choice.  money's quite important.  (er, duh!)

However, look at it like this... A: can you find a high paying job; and B: what is the likelihood of either burning out on that job or, at some point, absolutely loathing going to work, yet knowing you need to because at this point you're used to a certain, say, "quality of life" and if you decide to change careers, you're going to have to cut back on everything?

I've found out that it's rare to like a job, and hard to get a high paying one. just Monday, I got turned down for a low-paying job that I believe I would have quite liked.  It also offered great oppurtunities for advancement, and skills that would easily carry over to high-paying positions that I would like.  Yet, it would have paid about $6-8k less than my last job (which I liked, but I was a temp).

Anyway, point being, I'd rather be in a job I love, and have to worry about money or maybe working a second jon, than be in a job where the money's good but I'd chew my own leg off for something better.  Because I have ben in that type of job, though it didn't pay great; it would, however, have been permanent (state government-union thing), and I'd have had job security for life, practically.  And yet, had I stayed there, SOMEone would have ended up dead...

And I say, don't worry about other people and their skills and their money... if I did that... well, let's just say i don't think I've netted as much income as was spent on my degree.  Well, it's close, but I got my degree nearly eight years ago.  And... well, damn, I think of what some of these zit-faced kids fresh out of college make... and my mom just told me that the position I last worked in got a boost to the grade pay that means it gets paid FOUR DOLLARS AN HOUR more than I made...

Meh.  It ain't worth it.  If you're not happy doing what you do, then likely big bucks ain't gonna help fix that.  I think it's better to WANT a vacation mthan to HAVE to take one to get away from the stress or humdrum that is your job/life.

But hey, that's just my opinion; right now i'd take about the crappiest job I could get hired for...

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If someone has a real passion for a certain career, they should probably follow that.  However, if someone is more or less directionless about what they want to do, they should probably just try to find the most lucrative job that they can tolerate.  I firmly believe that for a lot of people, the idea of a job that one loves is an impossible ideal, but a balance of a tolerable job that pays well is a good substitute. 

The most important part, though, is that the job can be tolerated.  It's also probably good if it's something where you can be reasonably certain that you won't be forced to change careers for whatever reason,

that is, a field that isn't going anyplace.  I was relatively happy at first when I began with the Post Office, but then they abolished my job after 3 years and I had to find another job with them that I was less happy with, and which I couldn't tolerate long term, even if the pay and benefits were good. 

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