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Guys from what I’m going thru I don’t think the Zyprexa is helping. 


Ive made many mistakes over the years. I’ve done things that have hurt myself and others. 


Right now now when I think about what I’ve gotten into I think that the cops I just trying to bust me. Even tho what I am doing is legal. I keep thinking that they are just trying to bust me. 


Its what haplened to me in 05. I started noticing coincidence and here I am today fearful I’m going to crack. I don’t want to lose it like I did in 05. I walked all around okc and I don’t want to go thru that again. 

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I'm sorry the Zyprexa isn't helping..

Maybe you need an increase in dose..something to talk to your pdoc about..

Or a different med..

I've done things in my past that make me feel afraid of cops..even though I'm doing nothing illegal..

I'm hopeful that you can get through this..

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