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Info on NIMH's latest discovery

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What? noone wants to know how to prevent future generations of people like us from suffering the same fate as us.  despicable.  our function should not only be to help ourselves but to also help the many generations to come.  To think only of ours would surely doom them.

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Heya DC,

To be fair, I only just read about this today.


There are some *very exciting* genomic and proteomic therapies on the horizon.

For the first time we're looking at being able to *prevent* crap like bipolar.

(I know some people like their bipolar or like the bipolar-associated raits.  But frankly I'd rather my kid be boring than be bipolar if that's its only two options.  And, I *don't* happen to think that's its only two options.)



(more scientific critique some other day.  Today I'm just a crazy lady who likes this idea)

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This was somewhat informative.

as taken from ScienceDaily

"Depression is one of the most prevalent disorders in the Western world, and, according to the World Health Organization, it will even be the No. 1 disorder in 2020. Ten to 15 per cent of the population − from all levels of society − experience depression during their lifetime; and about 5% has to contend with manic depression."

"Because the TPH2 protein is instrumental in regulating the serotonin level, scientists suspect that TPH2 plays a role in the development of psychiatric disorders."


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I am way too immature to refrain from saying "I told you so" (refer thread on how to test brain chemistry)  Well if not I told you so, at least I mentioned it.


This is just what I was talking about, and especially with AD's since that's my problem.  THe trial and error is literally killing in time lost, especially as we depessives tend to lack momentum and a sense we're entitled to feel better.

I sure wish something could have saved me all the grief with all my unsuccessful antidepressant trials (with their many side effects - some morale threatening, some life threatening)

We with treatment resistent depression, AKA refractory,  desperately need help. I mean, we all do, of course.  But when it comes to someone who doesn't respond to ANYTHING..not safely, just try to imagine. 

OK, one, paxil gave me a general emotional anesthestic, plus fifty pounds -  very dangerous for my physical health. Also numbed me from the waist down so that even the most powerful vibrators known to man or woman felt like they were accross the room.  This did not provide relief,  taken globally.

I'm down to a deliberate narcotic addiction (other thread) and stumulants which put me at high risk of stroke owing to other factors.

Do not want nor can I afford 40K for deep brain implant surgery, don't qualify for ECT and  would really like to prove to some neurologist that some parkinsonian drug is worth  trying,  risks and all.  My computer is full of files of maybes. 

I need dopamine. Even amineptine is illegal everywhere now and my last (semi) legal hope is buprenorphine. Another thread.

You know,  such a workable method from genomics,  would really help negotiate with insurance cos to pay for "investgational treatments" too - just think it we could  demonstrate response capabilities! This is especially so as it would save them $$ in the end by not experimenting with dead-ends. 

BTW an earlier study  I found referenced in my files from 04  also from the NIMH but different names .  I guess news always has to sound NEW!


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