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written on toilet paper

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Hello!  okay, i know i post some out there stuff.  i just wanted to share something with you that i wrote the 2nd or 3rd night i was in the hospital (only time, so far,  whew).

my manic episode was eye opening and felt more on the positive side (except for 2 incidents).  i still understand what i was trying to say and still feel this way.  of course, it does get a little grandiose.

this is long, written this way because it was on tp.

thanks for listening!


Be peaceful.

Have patience.

Love One Another.





Respect for one Another

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Wow, I'm jealous, they let you have writing instruments there? Seriously, that's a beautiful piece, inasmuch as I can read it, I'm having a lot of trouble staying focused for that long. Glad you're doing better.

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Thats good stuff.  You should put that T.P. on eBay and charge like 6 bucks shipping.  I bet some MI might buy it. (maybe me ;) )

I did some psychobable stuff in my apointment book the day I went to the nut house.  I was totally insane so it doesn't make sense..


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thank you for reading it despite its length! ;)

Hey, sorry, I was being a bitch that day. It's a pure matter of "it's not you, it's me". I really do have difficulty with long posts right now. Hopefully that'll change.

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Oh no!  I hope it didn't sound like I was saying everyone but you!  Not in any way, shape or form!  I am soooo thankful for any effort that anyone can make!  I hope your focus becomes clearer.  I have a hard time with conversations.  I lose whole blocks!  Even when I "do" pay attention, I don't remember what they just said! Ugh!

Have a hopeful day!


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