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Does anybody feel that you are guilty for not working? Like the doctors and someone else find you are lazy?

I have schizoaffective bipolar type, but never had hallucinations. Only disorganized thinking.

I have tremendous anxiety and sometimes depression.

Also, does anyone feel like everybody else is fed up with you. I find people don't listen to me.

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I often feel very guilty for not working and start researching job openings only to think to myself, I can barely get out of bed most days so how am I supposed to maintain regular employment? Or if I do leave the house it’s never alone 90% of the time. I get too paranoid. And driving makes me very incredibly anxious. I can only drive to a handful of locations and only day time and only through town. 

Plus I don’t have any work experience but crappy retail store jobs. High stress, around people all day, counting out money/change (I’m bad at math), I wouldn’t last a day in that environment with the SZA bipolar disorder beast and bad anxiety I have which has gotten worse over the years. 

I too feel guilty for not contributing to society. And I miss my old co workers when I was able to work part time more than 10 years ago. I have never been able to work full time. I’m very sad about this. 

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