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does this even exist?

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I had found what I thought was the greatest pdoc around--the one I saw when I did my hospital trick.

So I go to see her to get my meds refilled, since I can't get into anyone else around here.  I tell her about my horrible back issues, pain, causes, etc.  She immediately hand me some choroprqactor's card and says he has this machine that can "grow back your discs".  It looks like a rack from the 1500's/  The woman is serious.

I take the Rx's and leave.  Yoga, meditation, even acupuncture, sure.Even Fung Sui, or Reiki.  I believe in the power of the mind over the body and vice versa, to my very soul.  But let a wacky choro. mess with a osteoporetic fucked up back and paralize me?  Uh, no thanks, doc--

I want my therapsit from C'ton back---the pagan, from Boston, RN who was a practictioner and could do my meds as well as my therapy and was really on my wave length. Sigh--

china, who is searching for a nice dolpin to talk to --its as good as any therapist I have found here so far--

BIG sigh---

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of course there are docs that advocate "alternative" things like meditation, omega 3's, amino acids, yoga, etc. along with "traditional" meds like antidepressants.

i just don't think they list it on their card...

usually they say they do "integrated medicine," meaning they have MDs, but also use things from "alternative medicine."  different docs bring in more alternative than others.  mine stays away from herbs, not that i'd take them anyway, as hebs are understudied and unregulated.  but a lot of integrated med docs use thier MD knowledge to go through info on alt med stuff to make good decisions about what to use in treatments.

my pdoc is a lot like this.  he thinks vitamins (love my B12 shots and omegas) and meditation are very very important.

sadly, i stumbled upon him and i don't know how to tell you to find someone like that.  and there are a lot of uh... "quacks" out there.

but, there are studies showing that meditation reduces stress, studies on omega 3 fatty acids, studies on vitamin deficiencies, etc.  my doctor isn't a looney, he just melds this stuff with my normal meds, as the combo really does help me more than just my prescription meds alone.

good luck


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One of my old pdocs (can't afford him now but am thinking I will shell out the $ for his help now) had me doing all kinds of things to clear up my mental side effects from Lithium, like writing with my left hand (I'm right handed), playing my instruments, doing crossword puzzles, and meditation. I already meditate, but the others were new. They did help!

I'm vegan. My pdoc talked to me about my diet to make sure it contained what I need. He asked me to take Omega 3 in the form of flax. I still do.

He asked me to exercise every day and journal and mood track. All great stuff! I still do.

He gave me that med combo that got me out of my last mixed episode (landed me in my 3rd hospitalization) and it is the one I'm modeling my treatment on now.

Hey, I have faith that there are pdocs who are good. Maybe bringing it up to them, that you want to know about the full spectrum of healing ideas, will open them up to suggesting them. Maybe they're afraid you'll think THEY'RE loons! lol

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I'd say I've got a pretty good pdoc and GP. On my own I have been practicing meditation and taking Omega 3-6-9 and Glucosamine and vit B complex with C. Now mentioning this to my docs, they both think all of the above is a good idea, advocate good nutrition as well as exercise and one pdoc (actually the one in the ER at my recent hospital stay) said try yoga. So I guess yes, some dr's are looking beyond their MDs. The "perfect" doc? Now that I don't know about ha.


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How about a doc crazier than you?



In defense of my MD colleagues.

At least in family practice.

It's hard enough to stay on top of the latest diagnosis, treatment, prevention options for the basics like depression, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and a buncha kinds of cancer.

Never mind birth control, acne, bipolar, bronchitis, renal failure, high cholesterol, and psoriasis.

That's one week at the office, no foolin.

Trying (as I do at least) to keep track of the latest exercise craze, diet fad, or so-called-natural-drug, is impossible.

All I can tell a patient if they ask is (after I look it up) if it's *safe.*

And I tell them if it's not *safe.*




There is no doctor who both knows a buncha science and also a buncha nonscience.

B/c noone has enough synapses in his/her brain, or enough hours in the day, to know all of that.

Find some who work together.

Or, figure out what makes more sense to you, and go with that.


Be *safe.*

Really, be *safe.*


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But there are--thank the goddess- a few docs like you who really CARE. Personally I don't care how batshit crazy you are, you CARE, and I'll bet your patients whouldn't trade you for some sane, robot-doc , ever.

Need a nurse???  I know a great one who can't think straight, and at this point, can't walk, but is a fucking great nurse because she CARES.

Inquiries may be adressed to Nurse China, crazier than you, and completely (temporarily????) disabled.  Sigh--

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