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I went to a mental health conference on Wed.  I went to 4 seminars.  They were all really good.

the last one of the day was on high functioning anxiety.  I am not sure if the speaker came up with the term.  I was not able to hear the whole thing because I started to have a coughing fit and left the  room.

but, I did hear part of it.

walking in I thought this could be about me.  I have anxiety.  I am functioning well.

but her description of hf was that you look cool on the outside, but inside you are a mess and you don’t avoid the things that make you anxious.

nope, I have regular anxiety, I seem as overwhelmed as I am and I want to avoid things that make me feel bad.

she also talked about imposter syndrome and cbt 

i do feel like if people really knew me I would be rejected.  I am not an overachiever, though. Just sometimes feel like a fraud.


has anyone come across this term?  I really don’t understand functioning categories.  

If you are distressed but it is not having an impact on your functioning where does that fit in as far as mi?  These people sound much stronger than I am. When I am distressed it effects everything.

sorry for the rambling.  I am going to blog about the whole conference but I had never heard of this so I decided to post

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I've heard the term "high functioning" applied to every diagnosis. Far as I know, yes, you look fine, well & happy on the outside (like no none would suspect at all) You are great at hiding it in the public sphere, in order to do what you need to do (highly capable in daily living, working, socialising) but inside, you are a mess. I don't think you need to be an overachiever to be high functioning.

You may still avoid some things (everyone does) but many things you usually don't (like socializing, going to work, etc). You aren't "disabled" by your MI for the most part.

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