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I am taking stimulants for numerous reasons--primarily for ADHD and idiopathic hypersomnia, but also because I'm obese and trying to lose weight (with diet and exercise of course) and because amphetamines heretofore have been the only thing that really make me a functioning human being.

I was curious though. From y'all's experience, which stimulant inhibited appetite and/or caused more weight loss, that is, between Ritalin (and all their products), Focalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, or some other stimulant. I have actually even taken Desoxyn, twice, and to be honest, it's nowhere near as potent as Adderall or Dexedrine.

To my understanding, appetite inhibition can be extricable from weight loss; i.e., one can lose weight from a medicine without experiencing much appetite suppression, one can experience drug-induced anorexia without losing much weight, or both at the same time, or neither.

IME, so far, this is what I've experienced... I'll list the stimulant/anorectic and max dose taken.

Appetite suppression/anorexia:

  1. Dexedrine (60 mg)
  2. Adderall (60 mg)
  3. Dexedrine Spansules (30 mg)
  4. Adipex-P (37.5 mg)
  5. Adderall XR (90 mg)
  6. Wellbutrin IR/SR/XL (450-500 mg)
  7. Bontril-PDM (210 mg)
  8. Tenuate (75 mg)
  9. Desoxyn (15 mg)
  10. Vyvanse (70 mg)
  11. Adzenys XR-ODT
  12. Metadate CD (20 mg)
  13. Ritalin (30 mg)
  14. Focalin XR (25 mg)
  15. Evekeo (20 mg)
  16. Belviq XR (20 mg)
  17. Tenuate Dospan (75 mg)
  18. Contrave (32 mg/360 mg)

Weight loss:

  1. Dexedrine (60 mg)
  2. Adderall (60 mg)
  3. Adipex-P (37.5 mg)
  4. Tenuate (75 mg)
  5. Dexedrine Spansules (30 mg), Adderall XR (90 mg)
  6. Wellbutrin IR/SR/XL
  7. Desoxyn (15 mg)
  8. Bontril-PDM (210 mg)
  9. Metadate CD (20 mg)
  10. Belviq XR (20 mg), Evekeo (20 mg), Focalin XR (25 mg), Ritalin (30 mg), Vyvanse (70 mg)
  11. Contrave (32 mg/360 mg), Tenuate Dospan (75 mg), Adzenys XR-ODT

So I've not tried very high doses of the (dex)methylphenidate meds, and have been curious about trying a higher dose (40-60 mg, maybe higher). Focalin might be okay, but it gave me tremors, anxiety, and panic attacks at 25 mg. Vyvanse did nothing much at all except jack my resting heart rate up to 120+ BPM.

This list was very hard to compile, and I don't really know if it's too accurate.

I'm heavily considering trying methylphenidate again, specifically Metadate CD, because I actually felt something on it as opposed to regular Ritalin. I was considering asking my NP for a Metadate CD dose of 30-60 mg, or maybe 30 mg x2 or something like that, with some Ritalin 5-10 mg, maybe 20 mg, to take 1/2-1 up to three times per day prn.

The tried and true med is Dexedrine for me, specifically the IR, but I want to give that a break for a little while.

I'm curious to see how (dex)methylphenidate affects my ADHD more than it affects my weight loss/appetite suppression as well.

I know this post was rather scattered and long, but if you made it through it, any input would be much appreciated! :) 

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I too have a weight gain issue (from clozapine) but sadly I've taken adderall, ritalin, and dexedrine since and I did not loose any weight while on them. 

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I lost weight when I first started taking adderall, presumably from appetite suppressant aspect, but that tapered off after the first three months or so (I lost about 22 pounds total in 6 months, but three months in I also got a puppy, so it was difficult to tell at that point what was the adderall and what was the walking him every two hours).  I took Ritalin a long time ago, and don't believe I lost any weight with it. 

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3 hours ago, CeremonyNewOrder said:

I too have a weight gain issue (from clozapine) but sadly I've taken adderall, ritalin, and dexedrine since and I did not loose any weight while on them. 

Me either. On any of them

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Thank all of you for your input! :) 

My pdoc prescribed me 100 mg Wellbutrin IR to take twice daily for now, but I think I'm going to ask my GP for something a little "heavier," possibly going back to the Dexedrine.

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