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Palm beach woman sues Walgreens

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stuff like this just sucks.... i mean, i've been paranoid about my meds MANY times bc i get my perscriptions filled at a local private pharmacy that my parents have been using for my whole life... and longer.  i am always getting a refill of something and I, by far, take more meds than anyone in my family... also, they sometimes hire some people from the high school as part time employees and delivery people (yes, they *deliver* perscriptions!).  when i was actuallyin high school, i was paranoid about the people who worked there knowing what meds i was on... ugh, people just suck sometimes...

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I actually used to live in West Palm, not far from that Walgreens.  That's just so wrong that they did that.  I used to have one pharmacist at a CVS talk to me like I was a child when she would hand me my meds.  She'd be like "You know you have to take them everyday to be normal".  She would say it real slow, like I was dumb.  Now I know I'm not just being paranoid about the people judging you when you gets your scripts.

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Ah crap.



Most pharmacists are so professional!!!

I have two in different towns.  They are both very professional.

I'm interested to see what they say about this.

Seriously, most of them are knowledgeable and professional.  Here anyways.


Thanks ehygon for bringing this to our attention.


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A link to an [not THE, sorry] article, posted on another site.


And a link to Walgreens' "Notice of Privacy Practices".


pfft. It doesn't seem to mean anything, as while they say they are "...required to follow the terms of this Notice... [and] ...will not use or disclose your PHI without your written authorization, except as described or otherwise permitted by this Notice."

STILL- "We reserve the right to change our practices and this Notice and to make the new Notice effective for all PHI we maintain. Upon request, we will provide any revised Notice to you. "  It can be changed one won't know what has been change unless you ask, if they have already given you the initial privacy notice.

...is that right?

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