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A Hospital is Spying on Me / Targeting Me Again

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They're targeting me again, they made an ad show up in my social media about a new study on this new medication for schizophrenia and it forced my body to sign up but I regret it.

CAMH is the worst psychiatric hospital. Theyre not even the hospital I deal with.

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Hang tight. I know that many will tell you that you are simply being delusional and maybe you are... I myself was certain that people were reading my thoughts with telepathy (who knows? maybe they are!) but now I feel differently on antipsychotics...

But maybe they are acting in an inhospitable manner? Who knows?

May your future be safer and simpler :)

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      Probs not the right place to post this but w/e. I'm getting the distinct impression no one knows how to help me. Including me. I'm considering going inpatient. I have chronic issues and see no end to them, but I have to change something so I can at least function. My dr told me to try to get on disability. Wanna try this first. Still holding it hope I can get a job at some point soon (unlikely).
      has anyone been impatient at camh? Or another ward in Toronto?
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