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What role does schizophrenia play in personality changes?

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What i'm talking about specifically is I'm a type A person. But type A people are supposed to be assertive and not care what people think. I seem to be easily swayed by what people think about me and change how i behave to sort of fit in with what people like. Is this related to schizophrenia or is it an issue of just a lack of confidence? For instance someone could compliment me and i feel good then if someone says something negative about me instead of asserting myself ill just sort of sulk and take it and it seems like i can't speak up for myself like my personality type indicates i would be able to. I have dealt with trauma as far as both of my parents also being type a dominant people and they would yell at me ever since i was born as loud as they could so i kind of feel small inside when someone gets aggressive it just makes me feel like that small helpless child and i can't be the assertive dominate person because i had to withhold it due to dominant aggressive parents. This leads to people being unable to trust me because they can't figure out if im a submissive nice person or a dominant aggressive person. And I know I am innately dominate and aggressive but it's been suppressed ever since i was a kid because of verbal abuse and threats of physical punishment.

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