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I wonder if I have too high expectations, am jaded or a hopeless case. But I've only had 1 Therapist in 20+ years of regular therapy that I felt was pretty decent, who helped me progress & feel better (and I've seen at least 15).

Beyond obvious traits like: good listener, observant, empathetic, caring, dedicated, positive, clear communicator, transparent, proactive, validating, non-judgemental, intelligent (and someone who simply just understands & "gets" you.) Nobody's perfect, but..

What other traits, qualities, behaviors make a great therapist? Have you ever had one that totally meets your criteria?¬† I am so sick of settling and trying to find someone who can really help me. I give everyone like 4-5 session trial at least. Maybe I just need to quit altogether, go at it alone and try harder to help myself ūüėĘ

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Blahblah said:

I wonder if I have too high expectations, am jaded or a hopeless case.  

I've been in the same boat........I don't think your expectations are too high.

I just started seeing a new therapist last month, because my previous therapist admitted there was nothing else she could do to help me.

I've only seen the new therapist 2 times, but I think I've found a keeper.......She says that when she accepts a new client, she feels fortunate that she has been invited to help them along their journey......I was upset about something and called her, she called back within about 30 minutes, so I was impressed about that............She is trained in many different areas of therapy,  because she thinks just using one method won't work for everyone.....Very easy to talk to, makes me feel comfortable about sharing even not-so-good things about myself..

I'm reserving final judgment until a few more sessions, but so far, very good......                                                       

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I would also add accessibility, and a good memory. Like if you tell them the people in your life they actually remember and you don't have to reexplain every time. I've been fortunate in that my Pdoc, who does therapy, pretty much exhibits all of these things. He's reliable, responsive, remembers what I tell him, empathetic and non-judgmental. Sometimes I wish he would tell me what to do instead of telling me that I am choosing between reasonable choices, but I guess that's not really his job. He's probably not perfect, but is extremely trustworthy, and has been responsive to me when I've been in trouble. I think therapists like that are out there. But it's really hard to find them and seems pretty much to be by the luck of insurance and referral. Though I was referred to this one by a previous psychiatrist who was okay, but broke various confidentiality rules, talked about herself all the time, and would say things like "if we spend all this money to educate the intellectually challenged what have we really gained?" So I'm not sure how I lucked into the great referral from her. But I live in fear of when he retires.

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      My new therapist recommended another therapist that deals with PTSD and other issues. PTSD because of loss of many family members. I mentioned to her that I can't recall many memories from my past, let alone a few weeks ago like general conversations. I can't even remember the first time holding either of my daughters. My parents fought a lot when I was younger. I know that it happened, even physical fighting, but can't remember in detail. Willing to pay whatever the cost to find out why I am the way that I am including taking expensive Latuda. 
      Has anyone had a breakthrough with dealing with their bipolar and depression? Anyone ever get some answers from a professional? I'm worried that if I don't tackle these issues now, how can I be a better parent, a better person or even consider marriage? My boyfriend thankfully is very supportive, but doesn't live with me. I'm tired of the days that I wish my life was over when I am truly blessed or times that I feel my life has slipped on by without any progress. 
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      Have any of you have had a longterm therapist becoming less & less available? I feel like she is subtly trying to get rid of me... I've seen her for a year & a half (for a long time was every week, and lately every 2 weeks and she was flexible). And now, seems I can only get in every 4-5 weeks...
      I chose her because I can walk to her office in 5 mins and she accepts low price/sliding scale. It's fine as a sounding board, But honestly, its not helping me, I'm avoiding trying to find someone else, because it's so difficult to find someone that you connect with where it doesn't take 40+ minutes out of your day to travel there...I'm not severely depressed, just the same anhedonia, no motivation, interest and general unhappiness/dissatisfaction no matter what I try or do.
      Just thinking out loud.. How long would you keep seeing a therapist if you genuinely like the person (and feel comfortable) but after a year, never leave with any insights really..she simply doesn't do CBT or behavioral therapy, only talk (well, it's mainly me talking the entire time and her asking a few hypothetical questions to think about at the end.) Out of the many therapists I've had, all of them have been underwhelming and usually expensive. I feel like quitting because after all these years I seem to be getting very little out of it :-(
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      For too long, I was doing horribly. Multiple hospitalizations, mostly for PTSD and bipolar depression. Well a few weeks ago I started therapy with a great therapist that accepts medicaid. Her office has a giant window that looks over Lake Michigan and that almost makes me happier than the therapy itself. Well anyways, we've been doing standard talk therapy and CBT and the more I talk, the more my issues seem less important. The arguments with family, the anger at my landlord, etc. They just seem less important and don't bother me anymore.I haven't been to a therapist in a year and a half because I thought it was pointless and didn't help but I guess I never found the right therapist (with an awesome view while pouring my guts out.) I also switched from geodon to seroquel 150mg so that is helping too. I am able to drink coffee again without panic and anxiety. I am gaining more interest in things like video games, reaading, coloring. Whereas before I couldn't even shower or brush my teeth. I just stared into space for hours. I really hope this lasts. I've never felt so normal in awhile. I've stayed at depression centers for weeks and months, ptsd trauma center for over a month. Nothing did it. Maybe this is just a fluke and eventually it will peeter out, but I'm hoping for the best. Wish me luck!  
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      My therapist has been trying to convince me to go into a DBT intensive outpatient program. I have been avoiding it because I am agoraphobic (I don't ever leave the house alone) and it's a hassle in terms of getting there. My disability attorney convinced me to do it because she said it would be very helpful for my case. I am scared though. 
      Anyone have any experiences with IOP they want to share, good, bad, or ugly?
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      When my psychiatrist quit, I had no idea. I was assigned another one, who will very likely leave me. It's one of those programs where the doctors are all residents. I walked in, and the lady at the desk told me the doctor left. Wasn't a big deal. I see the psychiatrist for meds. As long as the meds work, all she needs to do is write prescriptions. I do like that she's nice.
      So now my counselor quit and I only cry when I think about it. Five years. I had her before either psychiatrist. She closed the doors. No more patients. Doing her own thing now. That's awesome. She referred me to another whom she knows personally and met while working together. I'm sure because she's sure I'll be fine.
      But I was already perfectly fine and dandy, and didn't really see the need for her to leave and for me to see a new lady. What am I supposed to do? The appointment is scheduled. This woman is, as long as we get along, my new counselor. It's a whole new person I am supposed to trust off the bat, and confide in. I'm supposed to assume she knows what she's doing. We're starting on our third date here, and I'm the only one in the relationship freaking out. 
      If you've done this before, what's the easiest way to start over? I know she's a different person, and it will be like starting from scratch for me. Old counselor sent her notes and talked about me. I'm going in blind and she is not, but it's not about her.... so, okay? 
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