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I have some Tourette's that ties into my OCD. Intrusive thoughts tend to trigger a bout of verbal diarrhea.  All tings considered it's the least of my problems.  I just sounds like I'm talking nonsense to myself sometimes.  I'm fine leaving it untreated.  I'm not really one to care what others think of me.  If they don't like it they can fuck off.  I'm much more concerned with deal with the intrusive thoughts.

Are your tics related to any kind of mental phenomena or do they just happen?

Tourette's and other tic disorders are closely related to ADD and people with one are much more likely to have the other.  Paridoxicly, meds which treat ADD tend to make tic worse.  That's another reason I don't bother with treating mine.  The ADD poses a much larger problem for me than the tic.

Medicines used to treat it are the hypertension meds clonidine and Tennex, Risperdal, and  some of the standard APs.  Studies are being done with the newer APs but I've not read anything about them.  The problem with clonidine and tennex are that they have the possible side effect of increased depression.  Combine that with the fact that if you try to kill yourself by ODing on them there is a good chance that you will succeed and you can see why psychiatrists are not fond of giving them out. 

Tic disorder usually fall more under the realm of neurological disorders than psychiatric btw.  You wouldn't be doctor shopping if you were to consult with a neuro rather than you regular pdoc.

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