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On 8/13/2019 at 11:24 AM, notloki said:

The only problem here is that Lamictal is not sedating. 50 mg is nothing, folks with seizures start at 600 mg and don't experience sedation. You list a number of sedating meds you say you take, look there.

Lamictal is not sedating for most people. Note that I didn't tell dances that it was the likely culprit given her various meds, but that I have experienced recent sedation that tracks timing-wise with my time on Lamictal, and which I cannot easily attribute to anything else. Cheese has said that in her experience it has some sedation for her. My psychiatrist and I have discussed the possibilities, and he is not willing to dismiss the idea that Lamictal is having a sedating effect on me as one of the possibilities, even though "50mg is nothing."  Many people here have mentioned Abilify as an activating drug, but Abilify knocked me out consistently within a half hour of taking it for months, on not particularly high a dose. And I could go on about drugs people take here that supposedly do one thing but have had a different effect on me. And I don't think I'm particularly special. Psychiatric drugs in particular affect us differently, so I think you can talk about the relative likelihood of different drugs at different dosages doing different things, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to proclaim things like "Lamictal is not sedating" across the board. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't intend for your tone to be as dismissive as it sounded.

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Thanks, I might put it on my list of things to suggest.  At a minimum we could try splitting the dose and seeing if it does anything.  I just took a Xanax before getting into the train in the afternoon and I’m fine, so it’s at least not the xanax by itself.  It may be a contributing factor in the morning, but I usually wait until post train ride.

and then there’s the why now factor.  That’s what raises the supplement question to me.

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