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On 8/20/2019 at 3:30 AM, Melancholya said:

Does lamotrigine basically increase glutamate @argh? Or level it out or something? (I realise it's probably not that simple...) 

It's been said to be a modulator, though i don't see how it would know if it needs to bump it up or not. @basuraeuropea link hits the nail on the head i believe. Excellent link.

Glutamate is indicated in memory and congnition, so it also makes sense that a too high level of lamotrigine will cause cognition and memory issues. I suspect that is why taking NAC while on lamotrigine gives me the case of the stupids, where alone they don't..aphasia aside.

I suppose in real world RCTs it makes sense that it clearly works on BP depression as there's still an excess of glutamate in that case, per the original article. With respect to unipolar depression, it does make sense how RCTs have been largely negative due to the glutamate deficit. For the positive ones in MDD it could be the situation that's described in my favorite site, psycheducation.org, where this is no actual/explicit hypomania but there's some occult BP stuff going on.

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low does not make sense
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