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Coping with losing the genetic lottery.

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I fucking hate how ugly I am. 

I have naturally curly and wavy hair like that girl on Peanuts. It's really messy and whenever I try to comb it always goes back to the way it was as if I've never combed in the first place with 3 minutes. Everyone at school makes fun of me by calling me a "crackhead" and a homeless person because of my hairstyle.

I am also morbidly obese, weighing 237 pounds. I hate how fat I am and I used to wear jackets all the time even in the summer to try to hide my fat. I also try to hold my breath to be temporarily skinnier. I trying to lose weight but it's impossible as I don't have access to any gyms especially since I'm only 16 and I'm not really the well off type.

I also eat a shitton and I'm really impulsive about it. I'll try to commit to eating less and healthy but 5 seconds later I've downed a whole tub of ice cream and I've only realized it when it's too late and I feel guilt.

I've contemplated starving myself as a result to lose weight. 

Is anyone else going through similar stuff? Anyone have any advice?

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Firstly, curly hair is not ugly! It just needs a certain kind of care and not many people really know how to care for it. Have a Google for the "curly girl" method (not just for girls!) and you'll learn a bit. Curly hair shouldn't be combed when dry. If you must comb it, do it in the shower or just after the shower when it's still wet. Anyway, if you Google you'll find more info. You don't have to do the full method (I don't) but you can take any parts that work for you and roll with it. It'll take some patience and experimentation. Also, never underestimate the power of a good haircut. 

I'm not overweight but I relate with the impulsive eating. I'd start by looking at what you think could be driving your impulse to eat. Is it for comfort? Do you do it when stressed? When angry? To harm yourself? I do it for all of the above. Your doctor might be able to refer you to counselling for it. Otherwise, you could try finding an Overeaters Anonymous meeting in your area, if you are open to that. Are you taking any medications? Some meds can stimulate appetite. 

Being 16 is a really rough time. Teenagers are brutal. I got picked on for just about everything and my self esteem sucked. Hang in there. Haters gonna hate. Fuck em. What they say is a reflection of them, not of you. 

Gyms aren't the only way to exercise. A couple years ago I installed an app on my phone called couch to 5k. It got me from no running, no running 5km in about 9 weeks. From there I worked my way up to 10km. It was the healthiest I've ever been and it was free (aside from buying a really good pair of running shoes). But there's also walking which is a highly underrated exercise. An hour's walk each day could really help you. 

I know it's hard, but try not to focus on weight loss and instead focus on healthy lifestyle changes. Try changing just one thing at a time. If you try to change everything at once you won't be able to stick to it. You could try adding a starter salad to your lunch, or a big bowl of steamed vegetables, then follow up with a smaller portion of what you'd normally have. Foods high in fibre will help satiate you for longer. Just try and change one thing each week. You will face setbacks and that's okay. If you want to succeed I firmly believe you'll need to learn to be kind to yourself. Putting yourself down is very demotivating. 

I hope this doesn't all sound preachy. I certainly don't have it all together. I think really you'll come a long way by addressing the psychological aspect of your eating problems. Good luck! 

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Curly hair is beautiful...!!....I have curly hair and think it is one of my best features.......Although I do admit curly hair is more high maintenance than straight hair.......My hair is also red, so guess who got teased and called "carrot top" and "carrot girl" in elementary school?

I agree with @Melancholya that you shouldn't comb dry curly hair......I have to put some  leave-in conditioner and a little bit of gel on mine after I wash it, just to keep frizz down.....I do the whole "curly-girl" care routine, and you can look up tips for curly hair easily with google.

I'm not overweight now, but in the past I tried Seroquel and gained about 40-50 lbs.......I did stop the Seroquel at that point, and I lost the weight by giving up sodas for plain water, giving up dessert, junk food, and fast food,  and walking about 30 minutes per day......Walking is free--all you need is a decent pair of sneakers........I have maintained my weight loss by doing the same things, although I don't really walk as much as I should now.

Like Melancholya said, do small, healthy changes to your eating habits a little at a time, instead of a starvation diet.....You might lose weight with an extreme diet, but as soon as you start eating normally again, the weight will come right back......If you do small healthy changes to your routine, and maintain them, the weight you lose is more likely to stay off.

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i don't think i've ever talked to someone who wanted to relive being 16 again. it's a truly, truly tough time of your life, especially with MI, and especially when you're being bullied. i just wanted to say that life does get better after high school. i was depressed as shit in HS and after, but life was still better. being 16 is hard as fuck. they should give out medals for surviving teenagehood.

redhead and melancholya have good advice about weight loss and curly hair care. i just wanted to add that i've always wished i had curly hair. it's not fair that people are making fun of you for something you were born with. it's pretty cruel to insult someone about something they can't help. 

do what makes you feel good. if you want to cut your hair, cut it. if you like it the way it is, keep it that way. being beautiful is an unfair bar to always try to grasp -- it's okay to just be you, even if it's not "beautiful". i didn't like how i looked for a long time, and what helped me was thinking of ugliness as a fake concept. there's no "ugly" people -- there's just people. there's no ugly hair, just hair you like and hair you don't like. you're okay the way you are. you don't have to change. what you do have to do is try to find a way to make peace with your physical body and feel okay living in it. for some people, that's entirely a mental journey. for some, it's physical, and for some, it's both. you are more than your body, but your body keeps you alive. it's okay to feel ambivalent about what your body looks like, but you're stuck with it as long as you're here. it's in your best interest to be comfortable with it.

i don't love the shape of my body. i maybe never will. i carry my weight in my stomach, which is annoying, and i don't like my chest. but my body and i are cool. i put clothes on it that i think are cool and it lets me do the things i want to do. i take care of it and keep it healthy, and it helps me ask for help, talk to people online, and walk my dog. we need each other. so we do our best to be civil to each other, and enhance each other.

for some people, imagining the body and self as two entities exacerbates how bad they feel about one or the other. but it helps me feel at peace with myself, and helps me better take care of myself. maybe it'll help you, too, but if it doesn't, don't worry. 

take care. what you're going through is tough. keep going.

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You could try the reddit recommended routine


I do that. Yes its body weight but there are easier progressions on there.

if nothing else, start with pushups and rows (you want balanced muscles, none of that 100 push-ups thing). Along with diet, you can progress as you lose the weight.

i use a power tower and rings but you can eventually get away with just a pair of rings.

Dietwise, you can try intermittent fasting


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You don't sound dumb and you can express yourself well with the correct spelling. I don't mean that to sound patronising because of your age or anything, because people twice your age can be barely coherent on the old internets. You won the genetic lottery in some ways by being smarter than the dumb fucks who mock you. Being 16 and going to school can be awful, but many people grow up eventually and stop acting like such dicks. Not all of them unfortunately, but the dickheads are easier to ignore when you don't have to see them every day.

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I am losing weight using meal replacement shakes plus phentermine which is a prescription drug for obesity. I started at 233 lbs now 216lbs in a couple of weeks. Might be worth speaking to your doctor or a dietitian.

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    • By mikl_pls
      My pdoc recently swapped out my pimozide (Orap) for fluphenazine (Proloxin) for my Tourette's syndrome.
      While I was on pimozide, I gained 10.3 lb over the course of three weeks. I stopped taking it because it wasn't working, and because I read some pretty scary things about it.
      When I stopped taking it, I lost 5.3 lb in a matter of a few days...
      When I started fluphenazine just 6 days ago, I have now already gained 16.2 lb, and my appetite is ravenous (way more than it was when I was on pimozide).
      Has anyone experienced this on fluphenazine? My pdoc said it wasn't supposed to do this, that is was supposed to be almost just like haloperidol (Haldol).
      I'm starting to think I should just deal with my Tourette's on my own... I was having enough weight problems with the aripiprazole (Abilify) alone...
    • By SheltieUnderdog
      Just an update based on my posts earlier during this year. I ultimately wound up remaining on the oral antipsychotic (Latuda 20mg) which I started taking  after completing my 2nd probation term in this decade in January 2018 stemming from a January 2015 motor vehicle offense which ultimately slammed me with a 3rd degree felony (after already acquiring a misdemeanor for resisting arrest on foot in June 2012) related to having schizoaffective disorder and experiencing manic episodes and hallucinations. I was previously diagnosed with Bipolar 1 With Psychotic Features after the 1st incident I was involved in back in June 2012.

      My main issue the entire time I was serving both probation terms was that I was always court ordered by a judge to continue taking the antipsychotics by injection and to continue my psychological treatment. My primary concerns with the antipsychotic medication was always having intolerable akathisia (inability to sit still), tremendous amounts of weight gain (My height is 5'8 with a small to medium frame and my weight maxed out in January 2018 at almost 310lb after being around 155lb until after June 2012, severe gynecomastia (recently won Risperdal / Invega class-action lawsuit), anxiety, depression, and disorganized speech (currently seeing a speech pathologist to suppress language disorder).

      Following the completion of my 2nd probation term, I was initially placed on Latuda 40mg taken with food at night and then tested out Fanapt 6mg. I was still experiencing most of the side-effects and was still outright desperate to eliminate all of the symptoms I just mentioned. By the beginning of March 2018, I did ultimately try consulting with my psychiatrist about switching to a mood-stabilizer as monotherapy acting in place of an antipsychotic and accepted the risk that if I actually suffer from schizoaffective disorder and it wasn't Bipolar 1 With Psychotic Features that I would probably relapse and hallucinate again and I was even in agreement to keep a bottle of antipsychotics as a PRN and to just eat them like crazy if anything happened.

      I discussed everything with him (I never considered him to be a control freak) and he said that he would eventually be willing to try my suggestion but asked me if I had any other idea in mind that involved remaining on an antipsychotic for slightly longer. I suggested to him that I'd be willing to try taking the Latuda at 20mg instead of 40mg before switching to a completely different class of drugs.

      In retrospect, I'm not even completely certain if any of the oral antipsychotics including the higher dosage of Latuda or Fanapt were even that badly tolerated.. Now, I'm not condemning an entire class of drugs because I now support some of the low-dose oral antipsychotics for myself but I ultimately think that my former overall disgust and intolerance for the antipsychotics was because I was only ever taking them when I was either locked up in county jail and the overall quality of the drugs was really bad and primarily because the only time I was ever actually taking them was when I was taking court-ordered injections. That basically explains why my experience with the mental health system always sucked up to that point.

      I'm not trying to speak to highly of myself here but my psychiatrist has always said that he considers me to be one of his higher functioning patients, therefore the reason why he thinks I was always so vocal about all the underlying side effects from the injections and was more sensitive to them than the majority of his patients, even at 260, 280 or 310 pounds, my weight was never really a factor for me in terms of reacting to the meds with less sensitivity.
      It simply didn't matter what injection he would put me on. I was on so many of them including Invega, Aristada, and Invega and they always caused more damage than they did anything positive for me. I always felt like the compromises I had to make to not hallucinate and remain out of legal trouble were simply too much to take. The slow-release form of the injections was always too intense for me but I was honestly being completely forthright when I admitted that I didn't want another episode involving the boys in blue to occur ever again.
      At the time of my last post, my dosage was already reduced to 20mg and I was still complaining on a regular basis about everything I was still feeling but it wasn't until the end of March when the restless / walking on hot sand feeling finally began to subside. My overall appetite decreased enough to where I lost over 50 pounds by the beginning of the summer (since then the weight loss has stopped at around 260lb unfortunately but I have remained generally stable in terms of my weight). I won a class-action lawsuit against Risperdal / Invega in February and my weight became low enough where my plastic surgeon agreed to perform male-breast reduction surgery on me after denying me previously because I became so overweight / obese after I was released from county jail and the results were very successful without needing revision surgery thus far.

      My speech disorder did improve a little but unfortunately wasn't completely going away by the end of the summer. I still felt like I had something like aphasia where I couldn't think of common words or name common objects and the words wouldn't return to my mind until 10 or 20 minutes after the conversation took place. The speech pathologist I eventually saw for this referred me to the audiology department at my local hospital for Central Auditory Processing Testing and it was revealed that I do in fact have a language decoding disorder (my intuition was right all along) which is certainly aggravated by having schizoaffective disorder and maybe even still by the medication.

      I only become somewhat anxiety-ridden and become depressed right after I take the medication with some food, therefore I normally take it right before I go to sleep. By the time I wake up, I am no longer experiencing the anxiety and paranoia but I never become psychotic.
      Still, the most important thing is that I'm no longer experiencing any of that indescribable akathisia and thank god the weight gain reversed before I hit 350 and I no longer have to walk around with female-like breasts anymore.
      This is easily the most balanced I've felt since I developed the mental illness in the beginning of this decade. I'm not a morbidly obese zombie with female-like breasts pacing all day and night with akathisia but I'm also not hallucinating and running away from the local police department during a welfare check or speeding from the state troopers on major highways either. The delusions are still there at certain times except mild enough where I just laugh them off most of the time and don't believe the majority my own deception.
    • By HonestlyHadEnough

      I can't remember a time when food wasn't THE main focus in my life.  Even when I'm so full and can't eat another bite...my thoughts wander to what else I'll eat later.  Diets, eating plans, Weight Watchers Summer Camps, gastric bypass, journaling what I eat and/or exercising will START to give results the first few weeks and then my body just basically says "F you" and shuts down.  No more weight loss.  If I can't get the gratification of weekly seeing measurable change in my efforts...I'm right back to food.
      Overeating has ruined my life.  Whoever I COULD have been when I started out a sweet little girl was squandered when I somehow started using food to placate myself VERY YOUNG.  Then it became a horrible guilty, shameful and "what's wrong with me" set of glasses I looked at life through.  I was constantly pushed by my mom to stop eating, go on a diet and exercise.  She tried EVERYTHING until well into my adult life.  She too had weight/eating issues and knew what life would be like for me.  She tried to help the only way she knew how but it set up a terrible vicious cycle of sneaking food to make myself feel better and loved and treated special...that's what food feels like to me.  When I look at my family dynamics I can see all the ways life in general contributed to this addiction.  But breaking out of it has been a constant struggle.  Now for the last 2-3 years I've literally given up.  I'm 58 now and it feels like, short of a miracle, I'll die fat.  My hips, spine and knees are in terrible shape (of course they are).
      Being fat set up a way of thinking and acting in all relationships with people that I also am exhausted with.  I honestly with all my heart and fiber of my being think and feel that pleasing someone else will keep them in my life and they'll pay what little attention to me they are willing to give me.  Not all people have been horrible, I've had some great friends over my life...but of course, THEY HAD LIVES and I was never the center of anyone else's life.  I would have done anything through my mid forties to make someone else the center of my life in hopes of finally finding someone who wanted to team up and walk through life together.  Now?  I'm too old.  I'm too set in my ways.  It's just not as important.  I'm past the age of finding someone to "be a couple" with...no I'll never define who I am that way.  I'm too old for kids and of course at this point I should've had grandchildren.  There will be no one to take care of me as I get older.  I literally hope God takes me out while I can still walk and am living on my own.  I never want to be institutionalized in an assisted living/nursing home type of situation.
      Thanks for reading this.
    • By Dewey
      I am being targeted and bullied by my neighbors where I live. I currently live in an independent living home.  I am the youngest one here (67 years old).  Other neighbors who live in my building admitted that I have been singled out and targeted by the bullies that live here.  It seems that no matter where I live, I get singled out and bullied.  Must be something I am doing. 
      In my new independent living home,  there are groups of women that stick together and have scheming get-togethers. I was invited to one and never went back.  Unfortunately before I discovered one such neighbor was a party to all this, I had confided in her.  She roped me in very easily.  I am alone and isolated and there is no support in my life.  So, I am easy target.  I also am a nice person who does not have the ability to actively hurt someone. 
      I try to get away from these groups (I call them the axis of evils), I put their calls on block so they can no longer text me,  I unfriended them on Facebook (I no longer go there anymore).  If they don't talk to me once a week, they will send out an alert to go and find me or they will call the cops and to do a welfare check on me. They bang on my door at all hours and yell my name thru the door to get me to come to the door, then they bust in almost knocking me over and sit down for a "chat".  While they are chatting they start taking pictures of my cat and my apartment. I should have asked why they were taking pictures inside my apartment, but I dissociated and could not defend myself. I no longer allow them in my home.  I won't talk to them over the phone nor text them, nor return their phone calls.  The next time they call in a welfare check on me, I will cite them for harassment with the police when they show up.  This group of women have admitted to me they are mean and will take action against others who live here if they don't like them, which I have witnessed. So, for now, I walk on egg-shells around them.
      I stay away from everyone now, keep my blinds closed and don't answer the phone unless I know who it is calling me.  My psych doc upped my maintenance medication and added new medication.  He's been calling me frequently to see how I am.  I do live with sui*ide ideation, so he's worried about me.  Unfortunately I am living in Section 8 Housing, so moving is very difficult to do.  So, just trying to keep myself safe from the "Axis of Evil".
      Needed to vent to get it out there what I am living with.  Thank you for reading. 
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