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rights to medical records

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I know Doctors have rights to charge you just to have your medical records transferred to another doctor much less have them yourselves and they can also make you wait a long time for that.  But what about where they have "discharged" you to gp with a possible condition and will not provide you with the relevant scans or tests or notes or whatever to follow up with that doctor?  I am in Australia and it will take a month and $$ for me to get my test results from the public hospital er based on freedom of information relating to my condition. I did try going to a gp and asked them to get the results from the hospital but he said he could not do that.  Personally I think he just couldn't be bothered waiting on hold or calling back when they are open.  Then he dismissed my symptoms and said there was nothing wrong with me despite what the hospital had suggested might be the case.  So basically hospital has told me to follow up with gp within 3-5 days but want me to wait a month and pay $$ to get the information I need to take to a gp? That seems extremely unfair...

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