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What are my antipsychotic options ?

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My clozapine has made my anxiety very severe that only benzo helps it but benzo has worsened my memory too. So I would like to reduce my clozapine to prolly 100mg from 175mg and add another antipsychotic to compensate and stop the benzo. I'm thinking about quetiapine but pdoc warns that it can mess with qtc interval on ECG report and worsen heart problems. My qtc is already above the normal levels.

Once I get to 100mg clozapine, I will add an SSRI to fix anxiety. Right now all antidepressants worsen my anxiety attacks.

Which antpsychotic should i add to clozapine ? Something effective and with least side effects

Here's list of antipsychotics which failed:

Failed Meds: Amisulpride, Aripiprazole, Blonanserin, Olanzapine, Risperidone

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If you're looking for an AP with the least chance of QTc prolongation, this article would be a good one to read:


The article lists APs (typical and atypical), and anti-depressants, with the greatest, and the least chances of QTc prolongation.

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