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I'm going to carry as a surrogate

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Hi all!

I am going to transfer embryos soon for a couple.  Has anyone here taken Lamictal and Abilify while pregnant?  Is that possible?  I certainly will get it approved by my OB, but I wanted to know if anyone experienced it.

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Me me me! I've been taking Lamictal since around 12 weeks (I'm now 38 weeks). I also briefly took Abilify, in the second trimester as well but I don't remember when exactly off the top of my head.

Lamictal has been fine, it hasn't caused any problems with the baby that we know of and has only had mild side effects for me. It is the only med I am on right now and while my moods aren't quite as "smooth" as they were with adjunct meds, I have otherwise been doing quite well so far. (Then again, I am more prone to the depression side of things during and immediately following pregnancy, so I am not sure if that has an effect).

The Abilify did not like me, I only took it once so I couldn't really say about that one.

Both are pregnancy category C- you will have to weigh the benefits against the risks, etc. etc. etc. (standard CYA disclaimer LOL)

So short answer: yes, it's possible. I don't have experience with taking them during the first trimester though.


Edited to add: if you weren't nuts, you wouldn't be here ;) But congratulations just the same to you and the lucky couple.

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Thanks for the reply.  I'm going to discuss it with my psychiatrist first then my OB.  The only reason I am scared to go off my abilify is because it really controls my racing mind.  I already know I'll have to go off of my precious Klonopin...sigh.  The things we do to help someone out.  I'll  just have to fare without it and pray the 9 months goes by faster.  This should be a more relaxed pregnancy anyway, because I won't be super worried how I am supposed to take care of the baby afterwards, know what I mean?  Plus the money I get will settle me down as far as bills, etc go.  Now I'm rambling...

Good luck with your impending delivery!!  I hope you have a short and painless as possible labor and a beautiful healthy baby!  Congratulations!

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I think what you are doing is one of the finest things I have ever read.  I had terrible problems with infertility many years ago., and have worked in a Fertility Clinic.

You are a brave, giving, loving, strong woman and you have my deepest admiration and blessings.  If I can be of any help, please PM me.

Blessings to you and your couple and their precious, most-wanted baby.

Love, china

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Heya jeepdiva,

Yes, I agree with China.

You are doing something very special for these people.

Check out Motherisk:


They have a phone number too.  It's a Canadian site (associated with the Hospital for Sick Children in TO) but should be accessible.

Lamictal and Abilify are for sure Category C but it's always a risk-benefit analysis anyways, and being off your nut during pregnancy can't be good either!

Plus, yeah, you don't have to sit around freaking out about postpartum care of the baby, so you can focus on taking care of yourself at that point (and restart your meds).

You sound like you have a great OB/psych team and that's half the battle right there.

More power to you.


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