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Kind of hello, kind of good bye

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I wrote this is the "how long will the Seroquel make me sleepy"  thread, but decided to move it verbatim.  (If it seems OT--OT!)


Son 17 with sz was on 800 Seroquel for one school year (+ Strattera for ADD, which  probably  helped with S. side effects too)

He did great, fabulous

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BTW I said what happened here anyhow, but in fairness, I shold say, I have SOME idea - though it's  far from  complete.  I clicked on in lurk a month or so ago  (besides briefer hauntings) .  Between a few hints here (and a LONG harangue elsewhere), I got the idea there had been a very acrimonious divorce and you guys got the house and kids. 

More than that I do NOT know (and hope to learn over time).

Let me congratulate you who put this together (and probably rescued whatever semblance we had of a clubhouse). I guess this is a version of Invision, minus a few perks I'm used to from another forum, and you did a very nice job indeed,  Guess Maddy and Velvet Elvis are among the most responsble and I thank you.

It meant a lot to me to  "know" you were here - or so I fondly believed.  I swuld have felt like Peter Pan  flying up against  a barred nursery window, if  nothing at all had remained of the friendly old loony bin  (one of the saddest images in literature, to me).


PS My depression is alive and well.  I thought it I didn't talk about it, it miiight go dormant  - but you know how THAT goes. 

At least I guess it's depression.  Unless it's like somebody or other said, "I'm not depressed.  I've just been in a bad mood for a really long, long, long time!"

(hmmm.  Perhaps my new sig line, if I can find the originial)

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Hi, realitytest, and welcome back,

PS My depression is alive and well.  I thought it I didn't talk about it, it miiight go dormant  - but you know how THAT goes.

I know *just* how that logic works. But unfortunately, no, if you ignore it, it still doesn't go away.

Much praise to you and your son for staying on the meds and in school. That's a lot of tenacity for a high school student.

Hope to see you around in crazyland.


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Hi Realitytest...so good to see you back...I read thru your story. Don't ever appologize for writing anything long. Spurt out everything you feel you have to. Its hard to be a Mom. Its harder to be a Mom when you have so much to deal with, regaurding your own health, and your child's.

I remember when I was in high school, and I first started on the med -go round...for my epilepsy. I was not 'me'. At all.

Yes, I was having trouble relating to my Mom and my dad...and I was going thru a rough time. My Mom was married to a real jerk step dad...and my dad...well...I didnt see him that often...and when I did, it wasnt good. And when I got put on meds my whole mind frame seemed to change for a while, until the 'right meds' were found. I dont know if it was seizures + meds+ horomones+ everything else but I just had a meltdown. My grades slipped, completely...I had to be homeschooled.

I guess I look at my own personal experiences as a guidebook for how I deal with kids now. I have one that will be a teenager this summer. That age of confusion, rebellion is rapidly approaching. My kids are already finding new and improved ways to out smart, or out wit.

And Im sorry youre depressed...yes it does help to talk about it.Ive always found that.

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hi reality test

i second a lot of what lisa said (minus the seizures and having my own kids part.)  always write as much as you need.

when i was a senior i was dx'd with schizophrenia because i was having (what turned out to be) drug-induced psychosis and have a first cousin who is a schizophrenic.  the meds they put me on (risperdal then zyprexa) were hard to handle, and i know it worried my dad that i was basically nodding off all the time.    of course, i didn't know that he was worried at the time, all i thought about was how much i hated him and ways to inform him of how much i hated him.  it took me a long time to stop blaming him for everything, but now we're quite close. 

my cousin who is a schizophrenic was a really rough teen for her parents.  there were a lot of fights and violence and runnings away etc., and she, unfortunatley, ended up over medicating herself, so to speak.  now that she's an adult though, she's close with her mother. 

i don't envy the lives of parents of teens, and i'm certain that it's doubly hard when they're mentally ill.  but i think like all teens, we all kinda out-grow the anger at our parents.

i guess what i'm saying is that the storm will probably pass.

i'm sorry that seroquel turned out not to be a full sucess story.  how long has he been back on it?  another moderator here, chimpmaster, is on a high dose of seroquel and i think he said that after a few months the extreme fatigue wears off. 

my heart goes out to you.  your son is lucky to have you looking out for him.

take care,


edit: wait, uh, you read chimp's thread.  never mind....

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