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Sometimes i'm sitting in class thinking.. i have to i have to i have to i have to i have to... there is something i really want to share, and i want to share it so much i can't think about anything else, i want to interrupt but it's rude so i don't, i want to wait my turn but my god MY TURN WILL NEVER COME... will it?

Then what happens, the turn finally comes, i splurt out what i was dying to say, then after i go home i beat myself up for 3 hours without interruption because, my Goodness what a stupid thing to say it was!? (This is the RSD I guess)

And that's the ideal result!

The other thing that happens is i am so excited i interrupt someone mid sentence, and they look at me in bemused surprise, or they look annoyed at me... and THEN how i beat myself up :(

Any tips for this?

What I have so far:
1. write it down
In class it really helps to right down what i was going to say, because of course there is that terror i will forget it, which is very likely because you know ADHD and that working memory, that lack of ability to multiask, but of course we don't always have a pen and paper with us in life, we can't, and people are disconcerted when you take a pad out of your pocket and jot something down while they are talking... maybe i could tell people I'm a poet?

2. maybe I don't need to say it at all?
I try to remind myself.. people don't necessarily need to know what I think or what i know about this...

3. Keep calm and carry on
I think a lot of my problems will be solved once I can calm the heck down, which I think is on the horizon, I think I am getting better as I get older and also as i learn more skills

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The “maybe I don’t need to say it at all” thing has helped me. I blurt out stuff and interrupt sometimes too, and beat myself up for it afterwards of course. I just have to tell people things when they come into my mind during a conversation. It’s just the worst if it’s a texting conversation because I go overboard and text tons and tons of texts in a row trying to get it all out. 

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