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We Could Have Told Them That !

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The people that did this study could have just asked us here at Crazyboards about how changing or adding medications can help with the treatment of depression, or any other MI, for that matter.

Might be useful to show to any friends/family who give you grief for taking "too many drugs" or wonder why you don't just "snap out of it!"


M3NTE-" target="_blank]Study:

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Yes, if they'd only asked us and saved some money to help us pay for our mental health care!

I take a mood stabilizer, 2 ADs, and anti-anxiety meds. They've tried AAPs on me and they suck for me.

As you can see in my signature, I've really tried a lot of meds. I have an open mind to treatment.

I've seen people go on living because of ADs. One of my friends was really going to kill himself, and became well after 2 months in the nut house and WB+Lexapro+Xanax.

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Heya Pfizer,

Zoloft is great.

Free pens please.

Oh, and, GSK:

Wellbutrin is great, free Lamictal please.


(Joke.  Haha. Seriously, yes, this research is obvious but necessary b/c it's what's makes it okay to add/change meds.)


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