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Voice changes coinciding with Vraylar adjustments?

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TL;DR: Can Vraylar cause a "frog in the throat" symptom, so that I sound like I'm whispering and hoarse?

I'm bipolar, medicated for 15 years now.  Up until 3-4 weeks ago, I was on 1200mg Lithium, 200mg Lamictal, and 1.5mg Vraylar.  The first two are years old, the 1.5mg Vraylar was added several months ago.  It messed with my sleep but that faded after 1-2 months.

3-4 weeks ago, my PDoc raised my Vraylar to 3mg, then several days later to 4.5mg, then several days later to 6mg.  The goal was to address bipolar depression that hit me suddenly.  However, the side effect of restlessness was too much - I couldn't stay in my chair long enough to get any work done.  So we reversed the Vraylar, dropping 6mg -> 4.5mg -> 3mg -> 1.5mg over a couple weeks.  (And then added 100mg Wellbutrin).

One side effect that came in along with the restlessness was vocal problems.  It felt like I had a frog in my throat, and I would revert to a whispery voice. My voice sounds hoarse, the way it does when you overuse it and have to speak softly for a while.  And every time I think it's getting better I talk with someone and find it's not.  I think there's been improvement but not uniformly.

It's not listed as a side effect in the Vraylar PI sheet. 

Has anyone experienced or heard of this sort of symptom, with Vraylar or any other med? 

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It could be a form of dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). I have noticed since going up on Vraylar that it's increasingly harder and harder to swallow. Just a theory/idea.

Also, some antipsychotics can cause you to have dry mouth. Vraylar isn't known to be one of them, but it very well could in some susceptible individuals.

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