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Lamotrigine - Excema and runy nose?

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I've been on lamotrigine for about 8 weeks (might be longer) and have been on my current dose of 200mg for approx 4 weeks.

I know that 'runny nose' is listed as a side effect of lamotrigine but it's driving me mad and I wondered if it might go away at some point - or whether it's the kind of thing that might respond to an antihistamine? The real problem is my skin. My face and neck have patches of excema all over it - my cheeks are bright red and my skin is so dry it feel slike it's going to crack. It's also really sore - like I've used the harshest soap. My face also stings whenever I put cream on it. I've read that lamotrigine can bring out any skin sensitivites you already have and although I do have sensitive skin I've never had anything like this.

They've both got considerably worse in the last couple of days and I could really do with any advice anyone has.

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