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Has anyone had a positive experience from luvox?

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In general, I really don't do well on ADs. I've tried virtually everything. Though I've taken a TCA (clomiprime), I would not be thrilled about taking another one (really bad side effects). I'm trying to treat depression, OCD, and social anxiety. So every time I've read about luvox on the internet it has been negative. I rarely see it on the med combination of people with OCD on the boards. At my last appointment, my pdoc mentioned it but I was scared of trying it and asked to be put on effexor again. I'm finding effexor not working that great this time though I'm not at a higher dose. If I quit the effexor, it seems luvox is one of my only options left. Can you share your experience if you've taken this drug. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, CeremonyNewOrder said:

 Can you share your experience if you've taken this drug. Thanks!

 Yes, I have tried Luvox.....I forget what dose I got to, but it was in the higher range.....Unfortunately, it didn't do anything for my OCD,.........But it didn't cause any terrible side effects, either, at least for me.

I tried clomipramine, too, with little success.....**SIGH**....

IMO, I would say  Luvox is at least worth a shot if you've never tried it, though....It is approved by FDA for treatment of OCD and social anxiety..

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