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Acute vs long term effects: autism/anxiety

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9 year old with autism/adhd/anxiety.  Every time we start or increase dose of sertraline, we see stark, positive behavioral effects (more able to tolerate other people, more able to be self-reflective and discuss challenges calmly).  These effects start immediately- within days, not weeks.  But over time I think they degrade.  I've been researching the differences in acute and longer term SSRI impact on amygdala function etc to try to figure this out.  Anyone have thoughts on what might be going on or how to keep these acute effects going strong? 

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I’m sorry, but we are a first-person only website. That means that we accept questions that people ask about their own conditions, not about anyone else’s, not even their children. 

It isn’t uncommon for SSRIs to seem to lose efficacy over time. We call it “poop out.”  Have you considered, or tried, alternatives to sertraline?


If you haven’t already made an account with NCBI, I recommend it. It’s free. An amazing source of information.


I am an autistic adult. I wish you and your boy the very best.

Gearhead (admin)

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