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Do I call the on call emergency team? No, right?

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Do I call the on call team and ask if I can double my rexulti? (I currently have 2 weeks of meds because we are going out of town on Monday......which isn’t the best to have so many meds around with my thoughts right now). And going out of town sounds unbearable. The on call team aren’t pdocs, they are case managers. I have no idea if they will be able to help besides telling me to go to ER (which I won’t go to). They probably can’t help. I’d double it myself but I want to have approval from someone.

My pdoc did push for doubling the dose of rexulti at my last appointment and I’m kicking myself for not doing so at that time.

Plus the on call team is for emergencies. I wouldn’t call this situation an emergency, right? I’ve just given up on life and if I die, I die. I don’t care anymore. I have no immediate plans or intentions as of right now this minute.

Or am I downplaying things? I don’t know anymore. Plus, phone hatred. 

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this is an emergency and you're not downplaying things.

do you think they'd have the authority to okay something if your pdoc already suggested it?  (probably not, but worth checking)

do you have an ""absolute must" dividing line where you know you have to go to the ER?  like if certain symptoms start appearing?  It might help to assess what symptoms are happening.


take care cheese. 


eta - I completely get phone hatred also.  is yours making the call or is it having the conversation?  I'm usually okay with having a conversation if someone makes the call for me. 

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Husband is working. I can’t call. They’ll just send cops out or tell me to drive to the ER. That’s no solution. I give up. I don’t want to talk to my treatment team anymore either. I’m sick of it. I don’t want a case manager or tdoc. I barely want a pdoc and then for getting meds only. I give up. I can’t do anything anymore. 

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Cheese - what if they can help? What if they can get the messages from the universe to tone down? Or confirm to husband how bad is bad?

Worried about you. Phones suck, I totally agree. But it sounds like you're in a lot of pain and overwhelmed and maybe you can try to pull together just a few seconds of being really brave to initiate the phone call that might help change things.

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I think you should call, Chee, or get someone, husband or parents, to call for you. You can explain that you’ve reconsidered upping the Rexulti. Maybe if you call, they can expedite getting in touch with a pdoc on Monday.

I’m worried you’re not safe, and I can see plainly that you’re suffering. You deserve help.

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