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Targeted ads on CB

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Banner ad: See if they're cheating on you: Step 1:  Enter phone number Step 2:  View graphic details (Really?  They?  More than 1 person is cheating on me?  It's worse than I thoug

well you're bound to eventually get there and find out. It's really out of your hands.

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cheap contact lenses, some sketchy investment in gold/gold mining, and zumiez clothing. the last one, i get, because i browse around there from time to time. what can i say, i dress like a teenage skater boy. the gold investment though, i don't know. i'm not very interested in investments. or gold, for that matter.

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Unplanned pregnancy ads from by a well-known adoption agency in my area. The only connection I can come up with is that about a week ago I googled something about "I stopped getting my period" because I haven't been getting my period for quite a few months and wanted to know if I should be worried. According to Dr. Google, it's likely because I've finally gotten so fat that things are all out of whack with my body. It probably doesn't help that I haven't been motivated to exercise anymore. And/or maybe something hormonal is going on. Dr. Google oftentimes isn't very definitive.

First my periods started skipping months as I got to a certain weight but now I think I haven't had a period since July. I'm actually enjoying the break from periods and have no desire to ever have children. I'm too young for menopause. And unless it's a virgin birth, I'm definitely not pregnant. I know I should see my primary care doctor sooner than my annual physical next year and/or bring it up to my pdoc, but I'm really enjoying the lack of periods.

It's a little creepy if that google search is what brought about the unplanned pregnancy/adoption ads. It's kind of like the time I bought a single package of those safety socket cover things from the baby aisle in Target. That had a ripple effect. Soon I was mailed free sample cans of baby formula (which I sold on ebay because I didn't want to throw them out), and baby formula coupons, and a Target baby catalog with coupons for baby stuff. It was freaky.

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