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On 10/23/2019 at 9:51 AM, Melancholya said:

VR makes me feel so weird and sick lol. Can't handle it. 

Was it a simulation where you were moving? Where the camera was moving I mean, those tend to make a lot of people sick. The ones where you are just sitting on a beach and the camera doesn't move should hopefully not cause any motion sickness, especially if they are configured well. If it was a moving one I wouldn't write off VR yet :)

I tried one sitting on a beach and it was so peaceful, unfortunately it was a low quality video and a very short loop, but then again it was a free demo. It would be cool someday to just have a little headset I could pop on and feel like I was on a beach or a mountain etc. You can wilfully trick yourself into practically thinking you are really there

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