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Do either bupropion or lamotrigine cause weird visual things?

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I swear for the past four or five days I have been seeing THINGS in my peripheral vision... like things moving. Like a shadow or animal or person but when I look there is nothing there. Just now I saw (in the corner of my eye) something move across my kitchen. At first I thought I had seen someone walk by our window, until I realised that from this angle I can't actually see out the window. 

It is weirding me the frick out.

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3 minutes ago, argh said:

I mirtazapined my ass

I burst out laughing at this.

I did start the alternating 150/300 bupropion thing about five days ago. So maybe it's that. I don't get dried out eyes from lamotrigine. But since I started the alternating bupropion thing, my left eye has been twitchy every other day, lol.

My vision isn't blurry at all... Just I am seeing these shadows moving in my peripheral vision. The other night, TWICE I thought I saw our cat or a mouse running by the wall. Nothing there.

Just now, notloki said:

Both Bupropion and Lamictal can do this, my money is on Lamictal.

It's so weird!!

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2 hours ago, argh said:

how is the 150/300 dose working out for you? can you feel the 300 days vs the 150 days?


Okay so far. Not really! I feel like the effects are building up slowly overall, if that makes sense? Today was a 150 day and I felt pretty good, we'll see how I feel tomorrow. 

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