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favorite distraction/diversion

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I was initially going to ask for favorite tv show/movie, but I expanded it because I think it might be more interesting.  What's your favorite distraction or diversion?

I'll get things started that I love disenchantment but that I'm currently working my way through Futurama.  I also like stand-up comedy (think Eddie Izzard).

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My favorite TV show is The Leftovers but it’s not exactly good for someone struggling with mood. It can be very dark. 

My favorite distractions or diversions are books, running, TV, and movies. I would say painting too but it can be daunting to paint and not always enjoyable if I’m not motivated to do it. 

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i don't watch a lot of shows (sets off my productivity hangup), but i can get myself to watch youtube videos sometimes. i watched a lot of makeup videos when i was down despite not wearing much makeup -- it's soothing to me to watch people apply and talk about it. i also watched a ton of bootlegged documentaries, particularly of the medical miracle variety.

simple or very familiar video games are usually a good fall-back for me when i just need to turn off my brain. match-three puzzles got me through much of college (bejeweled and especially jewel quest 3 were my favourites). sims can be a great time-suck too. lately i've been playing a lot of an old pokemon game that i played a lot as a kid.

cleaning is also a good distraction for me when i'm anxious or avoiding anxiety-provoking thoughts.

i also love answering lists of questions in private word documents. if you google something like "questions to ask to get to know someone" you can get hundreds. i have plenty of txt files on my laptop from a period where i was doing that a lot. 

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